Week 2!

As always, we had a wonderful learning week in Year 4! We have continued exploring our “refugees” topic. In English, where we continued reading our class book “The...

As always, we had a wonderful learning week in Year 4! We have continued exploring our “refugees” topic.

In English, where we continued reading our class book “The Boy at the Back of the Class” and tried our best to put ourselves in Ahmet’s shoes (the refugee boy in the book) to understand and reflect on his situation. To do this, we have written a diary entry from his point of view, detailing his feelings, both good and bad, during the very eventful school day of chapter 9. It was amazing to see all the interesting and creative perspectives of the children, and it was evident they walked out of this with a great understanding of the topic.

In Maths, we finished exploring all the different methods we can use when doing mental addition (rebalancing, regrouping, place value, etc.) and we rounded the week off with a great exercise to reflect on which of these methods worked best and why, and which ones we will use in our daily life going forward. Please see attached out learning if you would like more practice: Maths Worksheets W2.

In Science, we have continued to explore the food chain and went into more detail about producers. What are they? Why do we need them? The children had some insightful discussions and argued great points related to nature and how humans affect the environment.

In Geography, we researched countries that have a large amount of refugees and explored different reasons why this might be happening. Afterwards, we created different fact files for each country, detailing key pieces of information.

In Guided Reading we have read Chapter 11 and 12 of Cogheart. Next week, we will be reading chapters 13 and 14. Please find them here to pre-read with your child:

This week in Spelling we have looked at the /oo/ sound and how it can be spelt <oo>, <ew>, <ue>, <u-e> and <o>. Here are some words you could practice with your child: Roof, cartoon, new, drew, cue, blue, tube, flute, do, to


Next Week:

In English, we are continuing to explore the book ‘The Boy at the back of the class’. We will be focusing on the part of the story that details Ahmet’s journey and will be looking at the different ways we can retell this.

In Maths, we will be looking at efficient methods to solve subtraction equations.

In Science, we will continue our learning on food chains. We will be focusing on the role of decomposers and looking at the transfer of energy within food chains.

In Geography, we will being looking at the longitude and latitude of different counters, exploring what this information tells us about a country.


Key messages:

  • Learning conversations will be happening soon. If you want to add the dates to your diary, they are planned for the 6th and 8th of December. More information to follow.
  • Additionally, a reminder that Year 4 will be participating in Forest School during this half-term. Please remember to send your child with the appropriate clothing (warm coat, waterproof trousers, wellies) as these sessions will go forward in any weather condition.