Releasing the Imagination

Celebrating the Art of the Possible

A Brilliant Centre of Learning

Our school is unique: not only do we strive to be a brilliant centre of learning for your child, we also thrive on opportunities to be research-engaged as a Centre for Educational Possibilities.


Executive Headteacher Update

Our school is a very special one; you probably won’t find another quite like it anywhere in the country. Like all living communities, we are constantly changing, evolving and moving. Dr James Biddulph, the headteacher who founded the school in 2015, has now moved on to pastures new, and the Governing Board are very proud to have appointed a new headteacher to lead the school through the next part of our journey. Mr Glenn Young will join us in April 2024 as Executive Headteacher and we are already preparing for his arrival.

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Vision and Values

We are committed to exemplary teaching and learning for children. In our approach to learning, we aim to be creative, bold, free thinking and rigorous. The academic achievement of our children will be underpinned by a commitment to values and developing compassionate citizens of the future.

The school endeavours to put into practice what matters to children and is an innovative professional learning community for educators. In seeking to provide outstanding education for the children, we are keen to develop partnerships with educators, academics and communities locally, Nationally and Internationally.

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Executive Headteacher's welcome

A very warm welcome to our school. I loved school and I still love learning. That is what we aim for at the University of Cambridge Primary School: a real love of learning, extending beyond school into each child’s life.

Our vision is built on nurturing compassionate relationships. We have seen that high quality learning arises from kind, respectful and positive relationships.  This also means that we have high expectations for every child and will expect them to strive hard for their personal best. Only in partnership with you will we be successful in helping your child realise their potential.

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A Centre for Educational Possibilities

An imperative for hope. The world is in crisis. Humanity is at risk. 7.7 billion people are confronted with three existential uncertainties: to the survival of planet earth, to cohesive societies because of the social and economic impact of expanding inequalities and to the individual sense of purpose and meaning.

Our centre is set to become a hub for expanding ideas on curriculum, pedagogy and children’s agency. It will research new knowledges, skills and pedagogies  to create inspiring resources for  educators across the globe.

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