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17 May 2024

Bagnificent Year 1!

Dear parents and careers, We have had another fantastic week of learning here in year 1! We have been really busy bag making over the last few weeks!...


10 May 2024

A little ray of sunshine came flooding through!

Dear parents and careers, Our children have welcomed in the sunshine and enjoyed a fantastic week in Year 1. In English, we have continued with our focus book...


3 May 2024

She Gently Nuzzled Seeds Into The Soil……

Dear parents and careers, We have had yet another fantastic week in Year 1. Our children are continuing to thoroughly enjoy their new Computing and DT learning. It...

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Additional Resources

Phonics & Reading

Children in Reception follow the phonics programme SoundsWrite:

Downloadable phonics bookmarks

Set 1 – Unit 1

Set 1 – Unit 2

Set 3 – Unit 2

Level 2 – Book 1

Level 2 – Book 2

Level 2 – Book 3

Level 2 – Book 4

Level 2 – Book 5

Level 2 – Book 6

Level 2 – Book 7

Level 2 – Book 8

Level 2 – Book 9

Level 2 – Book 10

Level 2 – Book 11

Level 2 – Book 12

Level 2 – Book 13

Level 2 – Book 14

Further information

Below you will find a range of websites and links that can support the development of children’s reading skills at home.



Our English curriculum at UCPS follows the national curriculum guidelines and encompasses Grammar, Punctuation, Handwriting, Spelling and Composition. The expectations for Year 1 writing can be found here.

Below you will find a range of websites and links that can support consolidation of the Year 1 English curriculum at home.

Year 1 Common Exception Words

Grammar & Punctuation






Writing & Genres




Children can access the maths platform Numbots using their assigned login and password to practice their number fluency.


Number & Place Value


Addition & Subtraction


Multiplication & Division




Properties of Shape


Position & Direction


Handling Data


Other Curriculum Subjects

Art & Design




Design and Technology (DT)








Physical Education (P.E)


Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economics (PSHCE)


Religious Studies (R.E)