Enrichment and Extra-Curricular



We offer a wide range of clubs, both during and after school. Our teachers and learning coaches volunteer their time to run clubs and so we cannot always guarantee the same clubs will be run each term or year.

The prices of the clubs do vary depending on the nature of the club and the length of the half-term. We also have clubs run by third parties. Clubs for third parties will be different.

Please see school calendar for more information.

All clubs are advertised on ParentMail where you can make payment and give permission for your child to attend.

Please see the link to explain how we will dismiss children. We have had to adjust our process, to reduce the footfall in the school building during these peak times. Parents/carers are asked to wait outside by the world map gate and your children will be dismissed to you from outside and not from the dining room. This will ensure our children’s safety. Thanks for your understanding.