About our School


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Our school is founded on three principles: inclusion, ambition and innovation. We believe in the power of collaboration, through strong relationships and clear communication. We believe in every child’s capacity to learn. We believe that children are powerful and need a kind, caring approach within clear boundaries and high expectations. We challenge and support children in equal measure to be independent and confident learners. In our school we focus not only on the knowledge and skills for our children to achieve highly, but also to develop in them the values of empathy, respect, trust, courage and gratitude.

We strive to be a brilliant primary school, drawing from both academic research and teachers’ and learning coaches’ wisdom. As the first school of its kind for primary education, we expand from the recommendations of the Cambridge Primary Review (2010), to reach high standards within the school and to build networks of educational possibilities locally, Nationally and Internationally. In all we do, we are guided by Professor Maxine Greene’s ‘social imagination’ to ‘release the imagination and celebrate the art of the possible’.