Ms Areti Karampasi

Learning Coach / Activity Assistant

Areti Karampasi – My journey to “brilliant-land” as an educator began in my home country of Greece, where I completed my degree in Early Years Education. I have been working in the UK for the past six years, mostly with children of EYFS. For the past two and a half years, I can say it has been an honour and pleasure to work at UCPS. For the last four years I have also been a reception teacher at the Greek School of Cambridge. I enjoy playing music and singing with the children. Dressing up as different characters is my favourite way to surprise the children and make our lessons that little bit funnier! In my spare time I like cycling, taking photographs, listening to music and when there is enough time, visiting my family in Greece. I am a big fan of Chelsea Football Club and the Greek football team PAOK. I love working with the children in school during the day, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to take on extra hours with the Premier Wrap Around Care team.

Year Group