Information about upcoming and previous workshops

We organise a number of workshops across the school year. The purpose is to develop a shared understanding between home and school – a place for collaborators in children’s learning success (parents and teachers) to share ideas – so that we learn from one another…to find ways through for all our children.

Parent Workshops

Autumn 2019

EYFS Parent Maths Workshop

Year 1-2 Parent Maths Workshop

Parent Curriculum Session Y1

Parent Curriculum Session Y2

Parent Curriculum Session Y3

Parent Curriculum Session Y4

Parent Curriculum Session Y5

Parent Curriculum Session Y6

Please sign up via WisePay. Please note that there is a limit to some of the workshops and places are allocated on first come first served basis.

Previous Workshops

If you were not able to attend a workshop, please have a look at the slides and links.

Year 3-4 Maths Parent Workshop Spring Term

Writing Parent Workshop Spring Term

Physically Active Kids Spring 2 Parent Workshop

eSafety Parent Workshop Slides

eSafety Hand Out

Phonics Workshop run by Mrs Bray on 24th January 2018

Thank you to all parents who attended todays Phonics Workshop. Here are the links to websites and resources shared:

Please be aware that links shared may contain advertisements or unsuitable content. Parents are advised to access videos on ‘youtube’ with care before allowing children access.