Family Lunch

All children attend family lunch daily. There are no packed lunches at UCPS. The school provides a two course lunch and all nutritional analysis has been undertaken by our lunch provider, Aspens.  No food or drink is to be brought on to the school site. This includes all sweets, snacks, drinks and chewing gum.

Family lunch is squarely focused upon building strong common values and a sense of school community. We pride ourselves on being a school with strong morals at our core. Family lunch, where all pupils come together for the duration, is a key part of this moral focus.

Lunch is a social time and we aim to develop children’s friendships, communication and social skills by sitting together at lunch.  We have looked to academic research that documented children’s experiences of lunchtime and were pleased to see that a family service, where children eat together, serving one another, social and communication skills improve: a sense of community is nurtured. We hope all children will have lunch with us to capitalise on the full experience of learning at school.

Lunches are free to children from Reception to Year 2.

Children in Year 3,4,5 and 6 can pay on Wisepay. Please contact the office for guidance.

The Spring menu may vary and will be very much dependant on Aspens and whether their suppliers are able to function throughout the lockdown period.

Further information can be found in our FAQ section here.

Lunchtime External Review

As part of our commitment to our children and to you as parents, we commission external review of our work including the lunchtime experience.  We ask for a full and without favour review so we can have actionable next steps.

2017 Review: Headteacher at Hemingford Grey Primary school and her deputy Headteacher reviewed lunchtime.  Please click here to read her report.

2018 Review: Headteacher at Mayfield Primary School and the designate co-Headteacher reviewed lunchtime. Please click here to read her report.

Please click here to view our Spring/Summer menu.

If you would like to know how Aspens manage allergens, please click here.