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17 May 2024

Another Amazing Week in Year 5!

Another amazing week in Year 5! In English, we have written formal persuasive letters to stop people from using non-recyclable plastic and palm oil. The children have really...


10 May 2024

Rotation and Revolution

In English, we continued looking at persuasive writing and we are focusing on building our fact knowledge to use in our persuasive argument.   In Maths, we started...


3 May 2024

Fractions and Orbits

Another 7 turns of the earth in Year 5!   In English, we started looking at persuasive writing, analysing its features and how they are used in different...


26 April 2024

Year 5 in Space!

What a knowledge-filled week in Year 5!   In English, we continued exploring the world of “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick” and looked at some incredible pictures to...


19 April 2024

Amazing Week!

  We had an amazing first week back!   In English, we started exploring the features of mystery writing and tried to create our very own mysterious sentences...


22 March 2024

Treasure Hunters!

In English we have finished our Coastal narratives. The children have written some wonderful narratives about Pirate ships, treasure and tropical islands. Our Maths lesson have covered multiplication...


15 March 2024

Newts and Tadpoles

Knowledge-filled week in Year 5! In English, we started plotting our coastal narrative. The children have loved coming up with their plots, adding mysterious islands that only appear...


8 March 2024

Coastal Explorers

Another great week in Year 5!   In English, we really delved into characters and how to use different rhetorical language to describe their emotions, as well as...


1 March 2024

Flowering Minds

  Amazing first week back in Year 5!   In English, we had a deep exploration of characters and their motivations, focusing on how to show their emotions...


16 February 2024

Shakespeare’s Dream

Another incredible themed week in Year 5!   We have immersed ourselves into the world of Midsummer Night’s Dream, re-creating the play, making potions and exploring Shakespeare’s lost...


9 February 2024

Maya Mania

What a knowledge filled week in Year 5!   In English, we have started our joint project with history, creating a detailed essay about the unique features of...


2 February 2024

Highway to Success

What an amazing week we have had in Year 5!   In English, we have written some brilliant descriptive poetry, which we intend to polish and perform on...


26 January 2024

Forces in Motion

What great fun we have had during this week. The children have really enjoyed exploring many different topics from “The Restoration” in England to how to create an...


19 January 2024

Fun Week

What a fun filled week we’ve had in Year 5! We ended the week by making amazing parachutes to test air resistance. The children had a great time...


12 January 2024

Happy New Year!

First week of 2024!   Happy new year everyone! I hope you have all been busy making wonderful new years resolutions. Meanwhile, at school we have had a...


15 December 2023

Countdown to Christmas!

It has been another wonderful week of learning this week in Year 5. In English this week, we completed our newspaper articles about the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami,...


8 December 2023

Energetic Week

Super week in Year 5!   In English, we have continued looking at the features of a newspaper article, focusing on higher level grammatical structures such as parentheses...


1 December 2023

Mindful Writers

  A week full of learning in Year 5!   In English, we explored how characters develop and how the world around them can be used as a...


24 November 2023

Explosively Educational

It has been another wonderful week of learning this week in Year 5. In English this week, we completed our information texts on volcanoes.   In Maths, we...


16 November 2023

Malamander Madness!

In English, we continued looking at non-chronological reports about volcanoes and explored their features and technical vocabulary. We have had a great time learning about the types of...


10 November 2023

Anglo-Saxon Extravaganza

Another wonderful week in Year 5!   In English, we have started exploring the different types of sentences and investigating how to use them inside a larger piece...


3 November 2023

Arts Week – Movement, Music and Magic!

This week was our annual Arts Week, which was inspired by the Russian folktale, ballet and score of ‘The Firebird’. In English, we utilised our previous learning of...


20 October 2023

Great Half Term!

What a wonderful half term packed with learning!   In English, we some great drama lessons performing our wonderful Beowulf retelling. The children were amazing, they performed with...


12 October 2023

Beowulf’s Last Adventure

Another knowledge-filled week in Year 5! In English, we continued our journey through poetry and created our own epic poem, retelling the story of the Anglo-Saxon hero Beowulf....


6 October 2023

Kennings and Corrosion

It has been another wonderful week of learning this week in Year 5. In English this week, we started to explore poetry, looking at a range of poems...


28 September 2023

Wonderful Week

We had a super productive week in Year 5!   In English, we followed our detailed plans to create an amazing myth based on Norse mythology. The children...


21 September 2023

Mythical Week

What an incredible week we have had in Year 5!   In English, we continued looking at Myths, creating our own villains and ultimately planning our own stories...


14 September 2023

Welcome to Year 5!

It has been wonderful to welcome back the children to school this week for the beginning of a new academic year! The children have all settled in amazingly...


14 July 2023

And New Beginnings!

It was lovely to see so many parents and family members at the Windrush Exhibition and Family Friday. We are very proud of what the children have achieved...


30 June 2023

Ready, set, sneeze!

It has been a jam-packed week in Year 5! Many of you came to see the school show Around the world in 80 days and it can surely be...


23 June 2023

Celebrating Windrush

This week marked the 75th anniversary of the arrival of HMS Empire Windrush and the enormous contribution made by the Windrush generation to British life and culture. It...


16 June 2023

Sustainability, Sharing and Shapes

Our first full week back after half term has been jampacked with exciting events and fantastic learning. On Tuesday, Year 5 enjoyed a brilliant Sustainability Day in partnership...


9 June 2023

Summer, Sharing and Sikhism

Welcome back to the final term of Year 5 at UCPS. We have had a great start to the term, launching our PRE-led topic with a debate about...


26 May 2023

Mountain Beauty, Moons and More Coding!

Wow! What a fantastic half term it has been in Year 5! We are so proud of how much hard work and progress has been made across the...


19 May 2023

Sundials, Shampoo and Spheros!

It has been an exciting week becoming familiar with our computing project using the Spheros ‘Little Bits’ circuits. Children in Year 5 have had a chance to play...


11 May 2023

Flood proof housing

Year 5 have been getting hands-on with hacksaws this week as they started construction of their prototype floodproof houses for the imaginary community of Watu island. These will...


5 May 2023

Coronation Celebration!

Wow – a short but sweet week here in Year 5! From out of this world STEM learning to descriptive writing in English, we have crammed a lot...


28 April 2023

The scale of space

This week Year 5 have been continuing our learning journey about Space. We mapped out a scaled representation of our Solar System using toilet paper (1 sheet =...


21 April 2023

Enquiry, Evidence and Earth Day

Welcome back to summer term! Everyone has returned rested and ready to launch themselves into the final term of year 5. Celebrating Earth Day Our first week back...


24 March 2023

Springtime Shakespeare and singing

This Tuesday was officially the first day of spring! We welcomed spring with a special treat – Year 5 enjoyed watching the Young Shakespeare Company perform A Midsummer...


17 March 2023

Curious Coast Characterstics!

Over half way through Spring 2 and it has been another amazing week here in Year 5! This week, in STEM, we continued our learning  on life cycles...


10 March 2023

Island Investigators and Poetry Pros

We have had another fantastic and productive week in Year 5, continuing to work hard on our learning!  This week, in STEM, we looked at the life cycles...


3 March 2023

Tidal Islands and Friendship Tools

We have had an exciting week in Year 5, continuing to dig deep into our Dynamic Coasts project and delving further into our tale, Running on Empty! This...


24 February 2023

Dynamic Coasts and Dissections!

Welcome back to school after a lovely rest over half term! We have had a great start to our learning in Year 5! This week, we launched our...


10 February 2023

Hello Half Term!

As we say hello to a lovely (well-earned) week off, Year 5 have been busy working hard as we round off some truly fantastic learning! In History, we...


6 February 2023

Great Gears and Exciting Equivalence!

As the half term approaches the final week, Year 5 have been busy working hard in their learning across all the subjects! In History, we are learning about...


27 January 2023

Que tiempo hace?

I think you’ll agree that the start of the week, hoy hace mal tiempo – este muy frio! But it has warmed up. Hopefully, we will get a...


20 January 2023

Maya, Menchu and Meso-America.

In History, we are learning about the ancient Maya and being guided by the following enquiry question: How unique were the Maya? Over the course of two history...


13 January 2023

Fantastic Forces!

Wow! What a super first full week back we have had in Year 5! From forces to biographies, square numbers and hockey lessons, we have learned so much...


6 January 2023

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school and a very happy new year to you all. Year 5 teachers are all feeling very positive and excited about the term to come...


16 December 2022

Christmas Jumpers and Snowy Scenes!

The penultimate week has been as just as busy as ever with an added sprinkle of snow! In Maths, we have introduced the children to Roman Numerals and...


9 December 2022


It was lovely to see lots of parents during Family Friday this week. Thank you for taking the time to look through your child’s learning. This week, we...


2 December 2022

Pantomimes and Puberty!

This week, the children have been working hard across all their subjects! In English, Year 5 have been preparing to publish their writing showcase for this half term...


24 November 2022

The Impossible

This week the children have been learning about relative clauses in English as we have started a new unit of learning based on the film ‘The Impossible’. We...


18 November 2022

Swimming, Singing and Sustainable Living!

The children have enjoyed another busy and productive week. In Maths, we have continued our work using bar models to help solve missing part equations. The bar model...


12 November 2022

Exciting Energy!

It has been an exciting week in Year 5 as we have been busy making poppies for Remembrance Day, exploring energy in STEM and working on bar models...


4 November 2022

Explosive Earth!

We have begun our new Geography-led unit of work with a bang (if you will excuse the pun)! This week we started researching for some non-fiction writing on...


21 October 2022

Au Revoir, Anglo-Saxons and Assessment Week – Happy Half Term!

Happy end of term! What a brilliant start to year 5 we have had and a great first step in our upper key stage two journey! We have...


14 October 2022

Gruesome Grendel, Graphene and Geckel

Learning Maths: This week we have been rounding integers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 in our daily maths sessions and working with negative numbers in our...


7 October 2022


This week, Year 5 continued their Science unit on materials and changes. We learnt that rust is formed during a chemical reaction called oxidation.  We set up our...


30 September 2022

Strictly is back on TV, September is drawing to a close and we are already more than half-way through this half term. Incredible. The children have made a...


23 September 2022

Trip to West Stow!

Year 5 had an exciting week with a trip to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village! We had a fantastic day exploring the on site museum, handling special artefacts, running...


21 September 2022

Beginning with Beowulf

We have had a great week getting stuck into the story of Beowulf. We thought about the main themes of the story and used drama to explore the...


9 September 2022

Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to Year 5! It has been great to welcome you all back to school this week and into Year 5. Your teachers have been impressed with the...


28 June 2022

Banksy: Art or Crime?

Friday 15th July – Information Communication has been sent out to you regarding the whole school parade on Friday 15th July and a reminder will be sent in...


24 June 2022

Sports and Cardio

This week has been very exciting and full of exercise! First, the Year 5 and 6 cohorts took part in Sports Day on the Eddington sports field. It...


17 June 2022

Aesthetics – What is beauty?

NOTICES Weather: Please ensure your child is now wearing suitable clothing for the summer weather. They should also bring a sun hat, sun cream and a water bottle...


10 June 2022


Special Notice As highlighted in today’s newsletter, please can we have your help in gathering 2l plastic drinks bottles (rinsed out and label removed) for our Year 5...


20 May 2022

Fractions, Coding and Poetry

Our thoughts and ideas are beginning to come together in English and our narrative poems are taking shape. These poems are based on the setting, characters and events...


13 May 2022

Buildings and Bridges

Year 5 have shown real maturity this week in making sure the quad was a quiet, calm space for year 6 during their SATS week. They responded positively...


6 May 2022

Our Capital

This week Year 5 have enjoyed developing close-up sketches of some of London’s famous landmarks and bridges. These will be published in an intricate book of sketches. We...


21 April 2022

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Welcome to the summer term – and what a week it’s been: full of drama, Shakespeare, art, Science and more! Our new topic is ‘Our Capital’ and is...


25 March 2022

Al fresco learning

We have made the most of the glorious spring weather with the children collecting data outside in maths, enjoying free reading in the afternoon sun and boosting their...


17 March 2022

A great volume of learning!

We started our week with our termly writing showcase in English. This time, our inspiration was the importance of a healthy diet and the children wrote a narrative...


11 March 2022

NAO Robots and more…

Our week started with a visit from the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, which included an overview of robotics history and a demonstration from their very own...


4 March 2022

Pancakes and Potential Prizes

We started the week in winter, end it in meteorological spring (although it doesn’t necessarily feel that way), enjoyed pancakes mid week and celebrated our love of reading...


23 February 2022


Welcome back, we hope you all had a restful and enjoyable half term break! We embarked on our new topic of Humanoids this week, focusing on the text...


12 February 2022

Children’s Mental Health Week

Happy Half term! We have ended this very short term with a wonderful celebration of the end of lockdown and the diversity within the families in our school...


4 February 2022

Hopeful Skies

A vivid rainbow covered the skies over UCPS at the end of another super week of learning. The atmosphere in Year 5 feels very positive as children begin...


28 January 2022

Standout Scientists

Alfred Russel Wallace. Charles Darwin. Mary Anning. All are significant scientists from the world of natural sciences that we have been investigating this term. Not only have we...


21 January 2022

Fascinating Fossils!

This week, Fuji, Olympus and Sagarmatha have been authors of some fantastic biographies of a hidden hero: Alfred Russel Wallace. There has been a lot of progress already...

Stella Stein (aka Ms Kinnear)


14 January 2022

Rocking out to Times Tables Rock Stars

And there endeth our first full week back, filled to the brim with an exciting and challenging curriculum. The children have embraced Times Tables Rock Stars (TTR) with...


7 January 2022

Book week

Year 5 have enjoyed a new year with a difference! This week we have been immersed in books and reading, with the story of ‘The Brave Tin Soldier’...


16 December 2021

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thank you to all pupils, parents and carers for your hard work, support and commitment this half term. We’ve had a great first term in year 5, with...


7 December 2021

Terrifying Tsunamis

This week in our learning the children have been continuing to build on their understanding of natural disasters by looking into the causes of tsunamis. The Boxing Day...


26 November 2021

STEM Day 2021

On Thursday, the whole school paused from our usual learning routines to take part in STEM day. Each year group had a different investigation exploring various aspects of...


19 November 2021

Erupting with ideas!

The past few weeks studying types of volcanoes, volcanologists, tectonic plates, seisometers and the structure of the Earth came to a head this week as year 5 produced...


14 November 2021

Reflecting and Remembering

It may have been a four-day week but Year 5 has been as busy as ever! In addition to our normal curriculum, we have also taken time to...


5 November 2021

Happy Diwali!

It has been, without a doubt, one of the busiest starts to a half term! Year 5 have jumped into a new topic called ‘Force Majeure’ which explores...


23 October 2021

‘Gearing up’ for half term!

Thank you all for a fantastic half term! The children have worked so hard and should be very proud of themselves. We hope you have a restful break...


15 October 2021

Forces, Fiction and Feta

It has been another busy week in year five! Firstly, a huge thank you to all the children for responding so flexibly, positively and maturely to the assessments...


9 October 2021

Ganges, graphs and gravity!

We stripped our learning right back in English this week, recapping what a clause is: What is a clause? From this, we then looked back at the work...


1 October 2021


This week Year 5 enjoyed investigating what makes a parachute stay in the air. We were exploring the concept of air resistance and its impact on a falling...


24 September 2021

Giacometti inspired creativity

Art has taken centre stage this week. Inspired by the work of Swiss sculptor, Alberto Giacometti, Year 5 have produced an incredible array of sculptures designed to embody...


17 September 2021

What a mystery!

Our inspiration for English this week was the book Letters from the lighthouse by Emma Carroll. We used her style of writing to learn how to develop a...


10 September 2021

Welcome to Year 5!

A very warm welcome to all families to Year 5 and Upper Key Stage 2! What a wonderful first week we’ve had! It has been a busy, varied,...


16 July 2021

Pursuing Pax

From Olympus reporters: We have immersed ourselves in Pax this week.  What makes wild things wild and tame things tame?  That was one conundrum we grappled with. In...


9 July 2021


What an amazing week. We hope you kept up with all of our adventures over on Twitter @Year5Caythorpe! Next week: Back to usual timetable including relationships education sessions...


2 July 2021

Sports Day!

Thank you to Fuji reporters this week! This week on Wednesday Year 5 and 6 had Sports day and everyone had fun. During Sports day, we did events...


24 June 2021

A Week of Creative Arts

From our budding reporters: During this week at school we have been participating in an arts week. That consisted of drama, song writing and poetry.  So we interviewed...


18 June 2021


By 3 Fuji reporters this week: Enterprise week This week was enterprise week. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed creating extraordinary commodities for adults and...


11 June 2021

Tinkering with wind powered vehicles!

Thank you to Fuji reporters: This week, for STEM day (science, technology, engineering, maths) we were making vehicles powered by wind out of straws, plastic containers, axels, kebab...


28 May 2021

Year 5 Blog

From Olympus guest reporter: This week in English, Olympus have been working on 3 activities to do with our guided reading book, Malamander, from 9 choices. These activities...


21 May 2021

Is globalisation a good thing?

We’ve had a week getting to grips with climate change in Bright and Breezy and grappling with globalisation in our writing. Both big thoughts to get our head...


13 May 2021

Challenge, cricket and climate change

Guest contribution from Olympus reporters: Glo-blog-isation This week in English, Year 5 started learning about the Silk Routes and looking at the benefits and drawbacks of the early...


7 May 2021

Found words, newly appreciated creatures

Thank you to a reporter in Fuji class who worked overtime to do this for us this week! This week, we have been painting, mechanising and finalising our...


29 April 2021

A (short) week as poets and engineers

This week we have exercised both our creative and logical muscles as we’ve written beautiful poetry about unconventional creatures, inspired by the Lost Words of Robert Macfarlane. We’ve...


23 April 2021

Year 5 Blog(fish)

From our roving reporters: This week, we have been choosing some weird and wonderful creatures that have been overlooked. Some of the animals that have been chosen are...


16 April 2021

Bright and Breezy

Parts of this have been written by our Fuji and Olympus correspondents- thank you! This week, in Year 5, has been full of action. We’ve been thinking like...


8 January 2021

Directory for online learning resources

Writing   Reading (free for 30 days)   Spelling   Maths Upper KS2 Daily Maths: Upper KS2...


4 January 2021

Online Learning January 2021

The Fox and The Star Booklet


17 December 2020

Happy Christmas!

Written by our Fuji class reporter this week: This week has been jam-packed with end of term activities. This week, Fuji got to do some pretty cool things:...


11 December 2020

Reading Rocks

We have enjoyed a week of festive art, creative writing, poetry appreciation, and investigative science. Art in a flash by an Olympus reporter On Tuesday, we did some...


4 December 2020

A fanciful notion

From our Year 5 reporters this week: This Monday, Year 5 had a visitor from the Lancaster University planetarium. We were taken on a tour of the night...


27 November 2020

Is spending money on Space Exploration a waste?

A huge question to grapple with, but the children are developing arguments about the benefits and drawbacks of space exploration which they will produce as a written response...


13 November 2020

Ever-expanding brains (and Universe)

From our Year 5 reporters and paparazzi this week: Ever-expanding universe? In Topic, we have been learning about the expansion of the Universe and its origins. We began...


6 November 2020

Blast Off

From our Year 5 reporters this week: Astronomer Visitor On Tuesday, we had a visit from Dr Aybuke Yoldas of the Institute of Astronomy at University of Cambridge,...


23 October 2020

Midwife Maths • We Will Remember Them

From our Year 5 reporters: This week, we learnt about the properties of regular and irregular polygons in Maths, and found out about the Friendship Run, a Daily...


16 October 2020

Before and After

From our own Year 5 correspondent: In Year 5 this week we have been linking guided reading, or GR for short, with English.  We’ve been putting ourselves in...


9 October 2020

We Are Scientists

We have had an eventful, action packed week this week, being writers and scientists on top of all of our other skills! We were completely delighted to remotely...


2 October 2020

Measuring, Rounding, Estimating, Budgeting, Negotiating

The children are taking hand hygiene seriously.  Please continue to reinforce this at home as we have had better attendance this week and want to maintain this. Thank...


25 September 2020

And we’re in!

This week, we have continued to develop our knowledge of place value in Maths, dived deeper into our The Silver Donkey story and continued to make sense of...


18 September 2020

Going over the top

We have begun to settle into a purposeful learning routine as we complete week 2 of the term.  It is lovely to see the children enjoy being back...


11 September 2020

Welcome to Year 5!

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back this week and see so much enthusiasm for learning.  We have revisited the Golden Agreements and practiced our talk...


10 July 2020

Online Learning w/c 13.07.2020

Welcome to the final week of the UCPSpace Project! We hope you have enjoyed the activities of the past two weeks. Now that you’ve found a fuel source,...


3 July 2020

Online Learning w/c 06.07.2020

Welcome to week 2 of the UCPSpace Project! We hope you enjoyed the launch of our new learning projects last week. This week, the anticipation is building as...


26 June 2020

Online Learning w/c 29.06.2020

And we have lift-off! This week, the University of Cambridge Primary School is embarking on a three week project that will culminate in the children meeting their new...


19 June 2020

Online Learning w/c 22.06.2020

This week you will receive a message from the class teacher on Monday, topic and extra-curricular videos on Tuesday and Thursday and a further reading for pleasure video...


12 June 2020

Online Learning w/c 15.06.2020

This week you will receive a message from the class teacher on Monday, topic and extra-curricular videos on Tuesday and Thursday and a further reading for pleasure video...


5 June 2020

Online Learning w/c 08.06.2020

This week you will receive a message from the class teacher on Monday, topic and extra-curricular videos on Tuesday and Thursday and further reading for pleasure videos on...


29 May 2020

Online Learning w/c 01.06.2020

This week you will receive a message from the class teacher on Monday, topic and extra-curricular videos on Tuesday and Thursday and further reading for pleasure videos on...


15 May 2020

Online Learning w/c 18.05.2020

This week you will receive daily English and maths videos Monday-Wednesday, followed by topic videos on Thursday and Friday. Last week we introduced the “Unlock Challenge”, a set...


7 May 2020

Online Learning w/c 11.05.2020

This week you will receive daily English and maths videos Monday-Wednesday, followed by topic videos on Thursday and Friday. This week we are also introducing the “Unlock Challenge”,...


1 May 2020

Online Learning 04.05.2020

This week you will receive daily English and maths videos Monday-Wednesday, followed by topic videos on Thursdays and Fridays. Please find here a reminder on how to stay...


24 April 2020

Online Learning w/c 27.04.2020

This week you will receive daily English and maths videos Monday-Wednesday, followed by Topic videos on Thursdays and Fridays. Please find here a reminder on how to stay...


17 April 2020

Online Learning w/c 20.04.2020

Please find here a reminder on how to stay safe online. Welcome back, we hope you had a restful and enjoyable Easter break! From today, we will be...


29 March 2020

Online Learning w/c 30.03.2020

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding as we navigate these unique times. Online learning will return on Monday 20th April 2020 with a new blog...


23 March 2020

Online Learning w/c 23.03.2020

Good day, pupils and parents of Fuji, and welcome to the first installment of your online learning blog! This blog will be updated daily with resources, worksheets and...


19 March 2020

Five out of four people have trouble with fractions…

A letter from Dr. Biddulph to the children of UCPS. Following our immersive and interesting STEM week, year 5 wrote a recount about everything they did during the...


12 March 2020

STEM Week!

Please find here information on how you children can use smartphones safety. The whole school took part in an immersive and outdoor focused STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)...


6 March 2020

“Police? I have an incident to report…”

Please find here a guide to being safe online, for you and your children to read together. We had an exciting visitor to start our week; welcoming on...


28 February 2020


We embarked on a two-week writing cycle this week in English, focusing on the video of the Girl and the Robot, with the end goal being an official...


14 February 2020

Book Week

This week, we immersed ourselves in the world of character! Our inspiration was the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers and we focused on one character from...


7 February 2020

Origin of Species – a review

Please find here a guide to the app TikTok, of which we have become aware that some children in year 5 have their own accounts for. TikTok is...


30 January 2020

Jemmy Button

Our text focus this week was Jemmy Button by Jennifer Uman, Valerio Vidali and Alix Barzelay. Inspired by the life of Jemmy Button – a native of Tierra...


24 January 2020

Evolution vs Creationism

We looked at how to multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000 this week in maths, moving forwards and backwards over the decimal. We used a place value...


17 January 2020

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was our focus in English, and we started the week by exploring advantageous inherited traits and tried our hand at cross-breeding dogs to create new adapted...


10 January 2020

Evolution of the peppered moth

Welcome back to a new year and a new term! It’s been an exciting and engaging week in year 5, with lots of new topic information and vocabulary...