Ready, set, sneeze!

It has been a jam-packed week in Year 5! Many of you came to see the school show Around the world in 80 days and it can surely be...


It has been a jam-packed week in Year 5! Many of you came to see the school show Around the world in 80 days and it can surely be said that it was a huge success. Well done to all of Year 5 and 6 for their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. It was a very enjoyable night.

As well as theatrics, Year 5 have been exploring the ways that infection can spread through touch and aerosols. We did an investigation to test how far a ‘sneeze’ travels and how you can prevent it from contaminating nearby surfaces. We also played a game of catch which demonstrated how harmful bacteria can be easily spread between surfaces through touch. The children were all keen to wash their hands after learning this!

In Maths, we have been converting between units of measure, particularly between kilometres, metres and millimetres and litres and millilitres. The worksheets can be found here if you would like to have a go at it again. maths week 4 lesson 1 Sum2 W4 L2 and 3 sheets

In English, we have learnt about the recent 2018 Windrush scandal and discussed the impact that this had on the black community. Children are now working on their own Windrush projects to present at our exhibition on the 14th July at 1.45pm. Please come along!

Exhibition poster final

In Guided Reading, we have been continuing to read the story of Sophia Duleep Singh and have been fascinated by the history of the suffragette movement. The chapters for next week can be downloaded here if you wish to read in advance: GR week 5 We are really lucky to be meeting the author, Sufiya Ahmed, next week. Do think of any questions you would like to ask her.

Next week

Wednesday 5th and Friday 7th July are strike days. Only bring your child to school if you were eligible for keyworker provision, as per the last strike days.

Sufiya Ahmed is visiting on Tuesday 4th July. We are looking forward to hearing more about her and the books she has written.


Thursday 13th July – KS2 sports day

Friday 14th July – Windrush exhibition

Friday 14th July – Family Friday at 2.30pm and final reports sent home

Monday 17th July – Jump up day

It is not too long before you make the transition into Year 6. Think about how you can finish Year 5 well in the last few weeks and how you can start to prepare yourself for the final year of UCPS. It may be that you need to work on your spellings, times table knowledge, punctuation and grammar, reading or something else. Try using the following websites to work on these things in the final weeks and over the summer so that you can keep them fresh in your mind.