Jemmy Button

Our text focus this week was Jemmy Button by Jennifer Uman, Valerio Vidali and Alix Barzelay. Inspired by the life of Jemmy Button – a native of Tierra...


Our text focus this week was Jemmy Button by Jennifer Uman, Valerio Vidali and Alix Barzelay. Inspired by the life of Jemmy Button – a native of Tierra del Fuego who was brought to England in the mid-1800s to be “educated” and “civilized” by Captain Robert FitzRoy – this book illustrates Jemmy’s experience in England and his return back home. Fuji class explored the different experiences of Jemmy Button and wrote a balanced argument about whether Jemmy Button should have been brought to England.

Vocabulary that we used for to develop our argument can be found here. The structure was as follows:

  • Overview of discussion point.
  • For arguments.
  • Against arguments.
  • Concluding paragraph (with opinion).

Our grammar focus was adverbial phrases. An adverbial is a word or phrase that has been used like an adverb to add detail or further information to a verb. (An easy way to remember what an adverb is: it adds to the verb.) Adverbials are used to explain how, where or when something happened; they are like adverbs made up of more than one word. In the sentences below the blue words are the adverbials:

Adverbial phrases become “fronted adverbials” when they go at the start of a sentence:

In maths, we worked on solving word problems with measurement as a focus. We built up our skillset of showing our solutions in a variety of formats (pictorially, numerically etc.) and worked as a class to develop our confidence in “querying” each other and playing the “enemy” that needs to be convinced of the solution.

W4 Maths Measures Problems

Next week, we will be going over long multiplication in depth and applying this formal written method to solving multiplication problems (3-digits multiplied by 2-digits).

We used the story of the Baboon on the Moon as our stimulus for thinking about what “home” is and how it means different things for different people. To some, “home” means the house they live in and the things that fill it. For others, it was the people more than the place that was more prominent. You can see our posters on the windows of Fuji classroom, and here we all are with our work together.

As part of our Mandarin lessons, we learned about Chinese New Year and applied our knowledge of body parts to the dragon – an important part of Chinese tradition and culture.

Our handwriting focus for the week was practising sloped writing: building speed: qu. Our spelling words were queue, frequently, equipped, equipment, question, quarter.

Next week:

  • English – Scientific Poster on the Origin of Species topic, collating all of the learning we have achieved so far in Topic and Science (vocabulary will be from whole topic so far, and will include: natural selection, variation, inheritance, species, adaption, generation, advantageous, disadvantageous)
  • Maths – Long multiplication (vocabulary to recap: multiplier, multiplicand, product, carry, place holder zero, place value, decimal. Definitions for this vocabulary can be found here)
  • Guided Reading – Non-Fiction Galapagos Islands

WOW Badge Design Competition 2020 – Wonders of the World

Get involved in one of the UK’s biggest design competitions. Simply draw any wonder of the world – natural or built by humankind – on the badge template here. 11 winning entries will be turned into more than 400,000 badges to be awarded to WOW pupils across the UK next year.


  • 11 winning designs to feature on WOW badges in 2020-21.
  • Up to £500 free WOW resources for 11 winning schools, plus 5 additional schools selected by prize draw.
  • Trophies for winners and highly commended runners-up.
  • Downloadable certificate for the school’s top badge designers!


  • Be big, bold and colourful!
  • WOW badges are only 3cm, so simple designs without people or small details in them work best!
  • Trademarks, logos, images of Strider will not qualify for the competition.
  • Winning designs will be digitally recreated, so pupils can use pencil, crayons or pens.

For full details about the WOW badge design competition, visit Please return printed entries to Miss Glenister in Fuji (year 5) by Friday 28th February 2020.