Going over the top

We have begun to settle into a purposeful learning routine as we complete week 2 of the term.  It is lovely to see the children enjoy being back...


We have begun to settle into a purposeful learning routine as we complete week 2 of the term.  It is lovely to see the children enjoy being back in class with such enthusiasm.  We enjoyed a topic launch running through ‘trenches’ to gather information about how World War I started and discussing the facts and the propaganda of that period. We have also enjoyed doing lots of collaborative learning in Maths this week.

As part of our Diversities Strategy, we want to celebrate the richness of our community in the diverse ways in which it manifests. As a starting point, we have developed with the children a family board within each classroom. This display board will grow throughout the year and be a reflection of the wonderful community within each class.

A further contribution to this display board that we would love to include is a picture of your child with you and their family. We know and welcome the diversity of family – there will be families with two parents, with one parent, adopted families, same-sex parent families, families where parents have separated and children feel part of two families and many many more besides.

This will mean that your image will be displayed in the classroom and we will return all images at the end of the year.   If you would prefer not to have your image on the display board, we understand and respect your decision.


The children have all completed a reading questionnaire which will help us to identify their reading preferences and how we can continue to support the breadth and quality of their reading diet in school.

The children will have brought home today their logins for BugClub.  Please continue to use this resource as an additional way to support your child’s reading at home.

The children should have a reading book with them in school each day.  This can be one from home or they are able to sign out a class book that they can take to and from home each day.

The children will not have a reading record this year – but we will regularly check in with them to share reading suggestions and reviews.


Mathletics and Purple Mash

In addition, the children will also have their login cards for Mathletics and Purple Mash.  This can be accessed at any time from home and are brilliant for supporting and consolidating school learning.

Please do familiarise yourself with these resources if you have not done so already (and let us know if there are any glitches with access).


Next Week

Guided Reading:  The Silver Donkey

English:  Symbolism including its role in heraldry

Maths:  Place Value up to 5 digits

Science:  How our heart and circulatory system works and how we can aim to keep it healthy


NB: Apologies for the lack of a photo of Fuji class this week, Miss Rosier completely forgot. Perhaps somebody in Fuji could give her a little reminder next week!