Dynamic Coasts and Dissections!

Welcome back to school after a lovely rest over half term! We have had a great start to our learning in Year 5! This week, we launched our...


Welcome back to school after a lovely rest over half term! We have had a great start to our learning in Year 5!

This week, we launched our project for this half term: Dynamic Coasts! With our geography hats on, we began to explore how land is divided across the globe, including into continents, countries and islands! In English, we have started reading Running on Empty by S.E. Durrant; we have been focused on understanding the lead character and how he may be perceived! In Maths, we looked at comparing and ordering fractions whilst in PSHCE we considered what qualities are present in healthy friendships! This week saw the return of Forest School, and the children had great fun creating maps of the forest area on site! Finally, in STEM, we launched our unit on life cycles: this term we will explore the life cycles of plants and animals. Today, we looked at how flowering plants reproduce, including dissecting a daffodil! It was great fun!

This week’s spellings were focused on the ‘ear’ and ‘oo’ phonemes:

Group     Disappeared     Material     Appear     Sincerely     Who’s/Whose     Through     Here/Hear

Please find this week’s maths sheets below:

Maths Week 1 Lessons 1 and 2

Maths Week 1 Lessons 3 and 4

Next Week:

Next week,  we will begin a unit on multiplication and division in our maths learning as well as continue to dive into Running on Empty to consider mood! In STEM, we will look at how non-flowering plants reproduce and in Geography we will continue to work on our enquiry question and discover more about different types of islands! Our daily SPAG activities will be focused on different types of words, such as prepositions, and in Guided Reading we will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the book we are using in English to learn new vocabulary and learning core reading comprehension skills!

Home Learning

  • Read for 30 minutes each day
  • Practise times tables for 10 minutes each day
  • Practise and revise year 3-4 and year 5-6 spellings that we have covered this spring term, so far, to ensure they have been transferred from working memory to long term memory. You can find these spellings here:

Please encourage your child to break the words down into syllables and sounds, just as we do in lessons in line with the Sounds-Write model.

We start by saying a word to the children, for example accommodate. We ask them how many syllables they can hear (4). We then provide them with all the sounds required to build the word but mixed up (a        mm      cc     o     o      a-e     t     d). We then identify the sounds in each syllable and build the word syllable by syllable: a / cc  o / mm   o/ d   a-e    t). We then  identify any potential challenges with the spelling – for example the double mm and double cc in accommodate. The children then use their sounds to build the word – initially in syllables (a / cc  o / mm   o/ d   a-e    t)  and then as a single word without any syllable spaces (accommodate).


On Monday 27th February, the children will be taking part in a scooter workshop! We are really excited for this!


The children will continue to have outdoor PE on a Wednesday so it is important to remember correct kit!

Please ensure children have weather appropriate PE uniform in school. This includes a hair band to tie back long hair and tape to cover any ear-rings that cannot be removed.

Forest School

Next week, the children will continue to have forest school with Mr Longden! Please make sure they have weather-appropriate clothing to wear!

Olympus class on Tuesdays

Fuji class on Wednesdays

 Sagarmatha class on Thursdays

World Book Day

Next Thursday March 2nd is World Book Day 2023. The children are asked to bring along their favourite book to share with their peers! They are encouraged to bring a book written in their home language: we would love to see books from around the world. We will have an opportunity to talk about these books and those that we have read recently! We can’t wait to see which books they bring in!

Mobile Telephones

Only children who have permission to walk home alone may bring a mobile telephone to school. It must be given to the class teacher at the start of each day and will be returned at home time.


Have a restful weekend!

The Year 5 Team