Banksy: Art or Crime?

Friday 15th July – Information Communication has been sent out to you regarding the whole school parade on Friday 15th July and a reminder will be sent in...


Friday 15th July – Information

Communication has been sent out to you regarding the whole school parade on Friday 15th July and a reminder will be sent in due course. If you would like to volunteer to support Olympus, Fuji or Sagarmatha class throughout the parade, please speak to your child’s class teacher to sign up. We would love to have you!

This is separate to the Year 5 Eddington Science Walk that was communicated to you this week. 


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We developed our understanding of Aesthetics through the medium of street art this week. Year 5 looked at different types of street art, including graffiti and work by the artist Banksy, and discussed the impact different types of street art has on different individuals.

We analysed street art created by Banksy around the world and inferred the meaning behind some of his pieces and the value they each had. With both this and our learning of the impact of graffiti and other street art, the children explored the question: Banksy: Art or Crime? and wrote a persuasive argument tailored to their point of view.

Here are our worksheets for maths, in which we focused on time (both analogue and digital).

Maths W4 Time Worksheets

In Religious Education (RE) this term, we’ve been studying the question: How do Christians show their commitment to God? This week, our learning covered the Ten Commandments and fundamental Christian values, such as patience, faith, self-control, goodness and kindness.

A big part of this week for Fuji and Olympus, and next week for Sagarmatha, has been bicycle proficiency training with Outspoken Cycles on their Level 2 Bikeability programme. The children have had the opportunity to go out onto the cycle lanes of Eddington and apply the skills they’re learning to be safe on the road.

Next week:

Over the next two weeks, the whole school will be participating in a STEAM focus. For year 5, the learning will be as follows:

  • Science – Water & Clouds. Investigations will involve making a ‘Water Cycle in a Bottle’, exploring transpiration within the trees in our school forest, taking a trip to the lagoon in Eddington and researching clouds/mist/fog.
  • Maths – To help us with our investigations, our maths focus will be statistics and recording data for these two weeks.
  • English – Not only will we be writing about our investigations, but we will also be doing work around Carnival (leading up to our whole school parade!). This will involve learning about Windrush, Caribbean culture and Notting Hill Carnival.
  • Art – Year 5 will have art lessons to make wearable art, themed around Water & Clouds, for the whole school parade.

Please remember to send your child into school with their PE kit, water bottle and sunhat as the warm weather continues over the duration of this term.