Tooth Sleuths and Fantastic Forensic Science!

It was the first of our two STEAM weeks this week. STEAM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Music. We have enjoyed lots of learning connected to...


It was the first of our two STEAM weeks this week. STEAM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Music. We have enjoyed lots of learning connected to this over the week and have been preparing for our exciting parade and carnival on the 15th July.


We started the week by finding out about animal trends and in particular, how teeth are connected to diet. First, we looked closely at our own teeth and found out about the different jobs the different types of teeth have. We then looked at pictures of animal skulls and used our learning about the different types of teeth to draw conclusions about whether each animal was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore.


Following on from that, we found out more about human trends and collected data to find out whether the eldest children can jump the furthest. We worked in small groups to test this hypothesis and then drew line graphs to show our findings. We have been practising drawing an interpreting line graphs throughout the week and also created one to show the relationship between the weight of an animal and how far it can jump.

Later in the week, we were given a crime to solve: the case of Mr Connolly’s missing mug! We were given information about who on the staff team may have stolen the mug and had to use the evidence we were given to draw conclusions. Part of this involved looking closely at the fingerprints left at the scene. To help us better understand how fingerprints are made and lifted, we practised lifting our own fingerprints using glass jars, cocoa powder and fine brushes. The results from our experiments showed that the dirtiest fingerprints were the easiest to see. This knowledge helped us crack the case and find the guilty person who took Mr Connolly’s mug! Here are some of the forensic scientists at work:

Our final STEAM session involved looking at patterns in nature. We found out about the Fibonacci sequence and looked at how it connects to patterns in nature. We searched for Fibonacci numbers and spirals in nature and then had a go at drawing our own Fibonacci spirals using squared paper.


We had our first of three art sessions with Mrs Smith this week. In our session, we were observing pictures of animal skeletons closely to help us sketch them. Inspired by these, we designed exciting headpieces that will be part of our wearable art for the school parade next week. We are looking forward to the next two art sessions with Mrs Smith next week. Here is a sneak peak of what we are working on:

We enjoyed a great dance session with Miss Veronica this week. She taught us how to move in time to samba music so that we can walk in unison during our parade. This was lots of fun and the children really enjoyed making up their own moves to the time of the music. Here is Nile class in action:


Timetable for next week:

Tuesday – PE (all classes)

Friday – Whole school parade from 1.30pm – 2.30pm. After school carnival from 3:30pm.


Other notices:

As more hot weather is forecast for next week, please ensure your child has their sun hat, a bottle of water and sunscreen in school every day.


Can you help?

Parent volunteers: On Friday 15th July we will be having a whole school parade around Eddington to finish our STEAM week. For this, we need some parent volunteers to join us on the walk (at least two per class). If you are available from approximately 1pm and are able to support us in this, please speak to your class teacher or send an email through enquiries.


Have a lovely weekend!