Sustainable solutions, fast fashion and daily digestion!

This week was our final week to finish our video messages about Fast Fashion in English. We worked in our triads to create the scripts for our videos,...


This week was our final week to finish our video messages about Fast Fashion in English. We worked in our triads to create the scripts for our videos, then practised our performances and finally filmed them! It was very exciting to watch everyone’s performances and give positive feedback about what they did well.

We continued our learning about scale factors in maths through a range of activities. This included matching equations and representations together:

Maths Week 4 Matching cards

We then made our own equations and representations for others to match. We also investigated a scaling problem and finally ended the week with making our own ‘to scale’ floorplan of a house and practising scaling through shapes.

Maths Week 4 Scaling Shapes

For some of us, a  highlight of the week was the very visual science demonstration of how the human digestive system works! The teachers modelled the different stages of the process using bananas, crackers, water, orange juice and a pair of tights! We’ll leave it to your children to explain how the experiment work – and it’s something you can even try at home!

We finally made it to sewing the clothes for our puppet in art this week. It was quite fiddly, especially threading the needle, but well-worth the time as our puppets are shaping up to be absolutely fantastic!

Next week:

  • Writing Journal: the stimulus images for the week will be nutritious meals in celebration of National Vegetarian Week.
  • English: Our English will be based on the story Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine. We will be writing a narrative in third person about a child at UCPS who has something rather surprising happen to them… We will be continuing with rhetorical questions as our grammar focus.
  • Handwriting & Spelling: Our spelling words are: special, straight, strength, suppose, surprise, therefore, though, although, various.
  • Maths: Multiplying fractions with whole numbers (integers).
  • Science: The human skeleton and supporting muscles.
  • Topic: Fashion in Victorian England.

PE Focus:

You should have received your logins to access the Real PE Jasmine platform. This is a great way to explore the fundamental movement skills practised in school and get all your family and friends moving.


Year 4 Book Club: the next Book Club sessions will take place on Friday 14.05 (theme is heroes), 21.05 (theme is poetry). An email with the Zoom link was sent out a few weeks ago.

  • Amazon: PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Nile: PE on Mondays and Wednesdays. 
  • Thames: PE on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Please can all children make sure they have their full PE kits in school for their PE lessons.
  • Children in KS2 may bring in a healthy snack that contains no nuts.