Release the imagination: Fashion edition

Our text focus from last week, Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine, inspired our writing this week as we imagined an item of our own clothing which could...


Our text focus from last week, Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine, inspired our writing this week as we imagined an item of our own clothing which could give us heightened talents! We had quite a range, including: contact-lenses which help you see in the dark, shoes that give you super speed and a t-shirt which, when worn, gives the wearer hyper-intelligence!

We continued with multiplying fractions by integers (whole numbers) this week, using strategies such as partitioning and the bar model, and taking every opportunity to practise. More information on this topic can be found on the BBC Bitesize website.

Maths Worksheets Week 6

Please note that, as part of our curriculum, we follow the NCETM maths mastery guidance. In this guidance, multiplying fractions with whole numbers is in the year 4 curriculum.

In science, we did a range of activities all to do with the human skeleton and muscle system. This included making skeletons from cotton buds and making pulleys to see how the muscles work.

As we approach the end of our art unit, our time has been spent refining the fashion and clothing of the puppets we’ve made. Here is an insight into what we’ve been up to…


Next week we will be learning about fashion from different cultures in Topic, it would be lovely for some children to share traditional clothes from their culture. If the children have any traditional clothes or a picture of them wearing it, please could they bring them in to share with the class during their Topic lesson this week. Topic lessons are on the following days:

  • Thames – Monday
  • Nile – Tuesday
  • Amazon – Wednesday

Next week:

  • Handwriting & Spelling: Our spelling words are: four, for, circle, missed, mist, certainly, medal, meddle, differently.
  • English: Writing a story based on their imaginary item of clothing from last week. Grammar focus is Direct Speech, Rhetorical Questions and Paragraphs.
  • Science: End of unit summary (covering food chains, diet, digestive system, skeleton & muscles).
  • Topic: We will be celebrating fashion from around the world

PE Focus:

With your personal logins, which have been emailed to you, you can now access the Real PE Jasmine platform. This is a great way to explore the movement skills practised in school and get all your family and friends moving!

Jasmine Challenge Week 6: Jumping and Landing

Alternative Challenge Week 6: Take part in one of the Active Kids activities at home!


  • Amazon: PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Nile: PE on Mondays and Wednesdays. 
  • Thames: PE on Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Please can all children make sure they have their full PE kits in school for their PE lessons.
  • Children in KS2 may bring in a healthy snack that contains no nuts.