Mellow Yellow

We cannot believe we have already reached the end of another half term. As usual, this was a very busy term filled with many experiences including; circuit making,...


We cannot believe we have already reached the end of another half term. As usual, this was a very busy term filled with many experiences including; circuit making, board game creation, mental health week, Chance to Shine cricket and Book Week.

This week we had English lessons with an RE focus. We began the week with an oracy lesson, where the children created a question based upon Buddha’s teachings around change. They then discussed this as a class, with a focus on building upon and questioning others ideas. We then looked at further teachings of Buddha and used this to contemplate how we could use these to make the world a better place. Finally, with this information we wrote a letter to an important person informing them of the ways that we can make the world a better place.

In Maths, we continued to look at division focusing on the different strategies we can use to become confident with this. To begin, we explored how arrays can represent division, followed by using the inverse to find our quotient. For example; if we know 3 x 2 = 6, we use the inverse to know 6 ÷ 2 = 3. We then explored how to partition larger numbers so that we can still use the inverse to find our answer. To finish the week, we had a problem-solving lesson where the children used all of their learning about division to answer a multi-step problem, discussing and sharing our answers as a class. Maths Wk6 sheets

Science this week saw us complete our final circuits’ lesson. For this, the children had to first create a working buzzer that they then used to answer questions in an electricity quiz. Building on this, they then created a buzz wire game in partners. This truly tested the children’s knowledge of building circuits with many components to include in order to make the game successful.

This week was our final Chance to Shine cricket session. We finished the week playing some games of mini-cricket where we were able to apply and practice all of our cricketing skills. All of the children have hugely enjoyed these sessions with some now aiming to play cricket outside of school. If your child would like a PE challenge for the half term they could take part in this week’s PE challenge: Bunny Jump Challenge

Across the week, we have completed a range of PSHE lessons as part of Mental Health week. Sessions included; exploring our growth and development as an individual, considering goals for the future and the steps we can take to get there and diverse families. This culminated with our rainbow celebration in the inner circle with the rest of the school, all of year 4 looked very bright in their yellow! We also used Safer Internet Day as an opportunity to discuss online safety, particularly how we can be both safe and kind when gaming online.


Additional information:

After half-term we will be continuing with A series of Unfortunate Events in guided reading. We will be reading Chapter 8 and asking the following questions.
• How is Klaus feeling as Count Olaf walks in? Use extracts from the text to justify your answer.
• How would you describe Count Olaf’s personality? Use extracts from the text to justify your answer.
• What do you think happened to Sunny? Explain your answer.

Please continue to complete and bring in reading diaries, it is a great way for us to see which books your child is reading at home and support them to develop a love of reading for pleasure.

If you would like an activity for half-term, the ECO-team have provided an ECO Bingo containing 16 activities that get children out in nature and thinking about our planet. Half term ECO bingo

Your child should have brought home their PE kit to be washed over half-term. Please return this at the start of next term. Please also make sure that if your child has long hair they have something to tie their hair up with.