“Make way for the East India Trading Company!”

Using our setting and character description from last week, we continued with our narrative based during the British invasion of India in the 17th century as we focused...


Using our setting and character description from last week, we continued with our narrative based during the British invasion of India in the 17th century as we focused on our resolution to this story: a moral dilemma of whether to accept the new rule, or rebel against it.

To better imagine the hierarchy of the new society established in India by the invasion of the British, we roleplayed an Indian market from the era of the British occupation of India. Each child was given a different role, that of either vendor, ordinary person, Indian Prince or a member of the East India Trading Company, and a task.The vendors of the market stalls were to serve the East India Trading Company members first, regardless of who was waiting in line. These people were also given a larger quantity of the produce (fabrics, tea, dye etc.). The ordinary people had to wait in line for a lesser quantity of the produce, and the Indian Princes were given gifts of the produce by the East India Trading Company members in order to gain their support and alliance.

We used this as inspiration to write about how our characters (from our ongoing stories) felt when the British invaded, then developed the story by explaining how our characters came to terms with the British occupation and whether they followed the law, or rebelled in their own way, e.g. by keeping a secret stash of crops that the British didn’t know about.

Maths this week saw us counting in 9s and 11s as we continued with our times tables. We also revised how to multiply by 1 and 0.

Maths Worksheets Week 6

In R.E. we learned about the life of Siddhartha Gautama and his path to enlightenment. After reading the story, we organized the different parts of the story into the right order and then created a story board, explaining the story in our own words to show our understanding.

We finished our Art sessions with Mrs Smith by creating Christmas cards. Next week, we shall be writing winter-themed poems in our English lessons to fill these cards. Then, they will be delivered to local care homes to spread the Christmas spirit to our wider community.

Our term of Forest School culminated in an epic fire-circle, where we roasted bananas and apples spiced with cinnamon on the fire; drank hot chocolate with milk and sang songs. Along the way, we learned about the fire triangle and a few cooking tips… Thank you Mrs Khan for a wonderful time!


Special Notices:

  • On Monday the children will be watching a virtual Christmas show.
  • On Wednesday the kitchen will serve Christmas dinner! Children can wear Christmas jumpers to school for the occasion on Wednesday (this is optional).
  • Your child can bring in a board game on Friday 18th December 2020. This is their responsibility.
  • End of term is Friday 18th December 2020. Please collect your child at 1:30pm.

PE challenge:

Healthy Hearts

Next week:

  • English: Writing winter poems for our charitable Christmas cards.
  • Maths: Continuing with multiplication, division and timestables.
  • Handwriting & Spelling: Our spelling words for next week are: height, history, imagine, increase, important, interest, island, knowledge, learn.
  • Computing: Last session of WeeBee Coding Engine.
  • RE: Finishing off our learning about Buddhism.
  • SRE: You will have received an email regarding the SRE curriculum we are covering in year 4. We will be revising the year 2/3 content next week, and covering the year 4 later in 2021.

Key information for Year 4:

  • We had our last session of forest school so there is no need to bring in kits anymore.
  • Children must bring in a coat to school.
  • Children must bring in a PE kit for PE lessons.
  • Children in KS2 may bring in a healthy snack that contains no nuts.