Learning Links for w/c 15th June

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new week of your online learning. Please see the sessions below to link you to your learning for the week. Messages for the...


Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new week of your online learning. Please see the sessions below to link you to your learning for the week.

Messages for the Week

  • Each week, in addition to the Maths sessions, there will be a focus on an unlock challenge in Maths specific to each year group. (For more explanation, see Mrs Sharman’s video that has been sent to you). Year 4, your unlock Maths challenge for the week is to practice counting in multiples of 6. You might want to start each Maths session practicing these for a few minutes to get your brains warmed up, or practice these on days where you are just watching a Maths video. It is entirely up to you! You don’t need to spend lots of time on this – little and often is best!  Here are some links that you might want to use: Counting in 6s Interactive and Count in 6s sheet
  • Although the Year 4 Olympics can’t take place this year, don’t panic! South Cambs have put together a Virtual Mini Olympics with different fun challenges that you can take part in throughout this week: Year 4 Virtual Mini Olympics 2020
  • This week is also Refugee Week. Last Friday, Anglia Ruskin University paired with Norfolk Schools of Sanctuary to create a Day of Welcome.The Day of Welcome offers remote learning resources and suggested activities to help children learn about refugee migration and show solidarity with displaced people. This year’s resources are inspired by the stories of Basque Child refugees who sought sanctuary from the Spanish Civil War in the East of England in 1937.
  • One of the learning resources is a virtual ‘school trip’ to a new online exhibition, which you can visit here: Virtual School Trip from Havens East .All Day of Welcome resources are free and available to download here.
  • Clue to riddle: It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…

Session 1

Maths: This week we will be consolidating our learning on fractions.

English: This week we will be exploring poetry!



Session 2




Wellbeing:  You will be exploring with Ms Janes one of our school values: ‘Trust’. The video link will be emailed to you.


Session 3




Session 4




  • Well, we are in a poetry unit and it has been raining, even though it’s summer, so why not read poems all about rain in summer?!
  • Read these two poems: Rain Poem
  • Then answer the questions: Rain Poem Questions

Wellbeing: Gardening (video will be emailed to you). You will be looking at insects and what’s in the garden.

  • What’s in your garden?
  • How to construct bug-friendly spaces/bug hotel
  • What role do insects play in the ecosystem?


Session 5




  • Find out all about a young boy called Geoff who simply loved baked beans…The One For All


Additional Resources

Handwriting & Spelling

  • If you would like to practice more spellings, Spelling Frame has home learning opportunities for you to work on.
  • Pen Pals, the scheme of handwriting UCPS follows, is currently also offering resources for free.


  • Audible (currently free)
  • First News is offering free weekly issues during this time frame.
  • Get Epic is an online library with 40,000 children’s titles available to read.
  • Oliver Jeffers’s will read one of his books every day. Readings will take place at 6pm UK time and are broadcast via Instagram Stories. All broadcasts have been recorded and will also be added to Jeffers’ website
  • Poets are reading out their poems here, with online prompts offering comprehension questions.
  • Storyline Online


  • Mark Kistler is hosting a live drawing session every weekday at 5pm.
  • Rob Biddulph is also hosting a Draw-A-Long every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Ideas for being creative outdoors can be found here.




  • Active History is offering one month free access to their simulations, games and quizzes. They cover a broad range of historical eras.



  • Singing is a great way to lift your spirits and connect with those around you. You can find songs with music and lyrics to sing on the SingUp website


  • If you would like to challenge your brain with some fun thinking visit this website for weekly challenges, riddles and games.


Sustrans Outside In

  • Walking, cycling and scooting are great ways to contribute to keeping us active and healthy in body and mind. During this time where we are mostly required to stay at home, these activities become harder to do so. Sustrans Outside In therefore aims to provide ideas and inspiration to bring health and wellbeing activities into the home.
  • www.sustrans.org.uk/campaigns/outside-in/