It’s cricket in Year 4!

In Year 4 this week, we have been busy getting to grips with cricket, practising giving very specific instructions and finding out about the dangers of electricity.  ...


In Year 4 this week, we have been busy getting to grips with cricket, practising giving very specific instructions and finding out about the dangers of electricity.


In Topic, we have been thinking about the effectiveness of different inventions and creating Top Trumps for the different inventions we have been learning about. We are looking forward to being inventors ourselves next week when we will be designing a new board game for other children to play. We are enjoying our playful enquiry where we are learning about inventions through time, different inventors and inventing our own P.E. games for others to play.

In English, the children have been planning instructions. They practised giving each other instructions verbally to do a particular skill (origami, playing the guitar, skipping etc). This was to make sure that they were being very clear with their language. It was a really good challenge, especially when they were only allowed to tell their partner how to do something (no showing allowed)! The children then planned out their instructions on a comic strip. Next week they will be working on writing these and publishing them for others to follow to check that they have been very clear.  If your child has an opportunity to practise their instructions with you at home, you can challenge them by only doing exactly what they say to help them clarify and add detail to their ideas. Here are some pictures of the children talking through their instructions with their partner.

In our writing journal this week, we have been focusing on writing and punctuating direct speech. Next week, we will be practising organising our ideas into paragraphs.


In Maths, we have been practising multiplying and dividing numbers by 10 and 100. We have also been multiplying single-digit numbers by multiples of ten that we have built on to practise short-hand multiplication. We have been practising our 3 and 9 times tables and have enjoyed participating in a Times Tables Rock Star (TTRS) tournament with the Year 3 classes. Next week, we will continue to practise the 9 times tables in class and have another TTRS tournament. If your child needs their TTRS log in details, please ask them to talk to their teacher. The maths sheets for this week are here:

Maths S1 W3

We have been learning about the dangers of electricity in Science this week. We did some research using the Switched On Kids and the UK Power Networks websites and identified the hazards that were less familiar to us. In our classes, we talked about why electricity is dangerous and created a graph to show which dangers we knew the least about to help teach others about electrical hazards.


We have been having cricket sessions with a Chance to Shine cricket coach every Tuesday. These sessions have been fantastic and each week the children have learnt and practised a new skill. Here are some photos of the children practising their skills in a game:

In our second PE session, we have been working on understanding fitness and are practising skills to develop our agility and balance.


In PSHE this week, the children learnt about keeping themselves safe and the PANTS rule. The following website has useful information about this and how you can support your child to be safe:


Next week:

In Guided Reading, we will be reading chapter 3 and 4 of A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket.

ASOUE Chapter 4

We will be thinking about and discussing the following questions:

  • Ch 4 (prediction): How do you think Count Olaf will react when the Baudelaires make dinner for him? Use what you know about him so far to explain why.
  • Ch 4 (identifying purposeful use of language.): How does the author make Count Olaf and his troupe seem frightening? Find examples in the text.
  • Ch 4 (inference): 1 – Why does the puttanesca sauce go from seeming cosy to looking like blood? 2 – Why does Klaus lose his temper? Use evidence from the text to support your answers.

PE Timetable:

Tuesday – Nile, Amazon and Thames (Cricket)

Thursday – Nile, Amazon

Friday – Thames

Please make sure your children have their PE kit in school.