Division, dips and dance

Despite the rain, we have had another wonderful week in Year 4. Our timetable this term has a vast range of subjects including; Spanish, art, dance and cooking!...


Despite the rain, we have had another wonderful week in Year 4. Our timetable this term has a vast range of subjects including; Spanish, art, dance and cooking!

In maths this week, we continued to look at division, exploring short division for the first time. Children were encouraged to use their times table knowledge to regroup numbers and solve two and three-digit short divisions. This can be very tricky and we will continue to look at this next week. The maths sheets for this week are here: Maths Spr2 Wk2.pub

During English, we have been looking at portal stories. We began by looking at different examples of portal stories and then considering features and impactful language within these. We then had a go at creating our own ending for ‘Black Hole’, a video with a mysterious portal. To finish, we worked on picking a paragraph to edit so that we could upstage our writing.  We were blown away by children’s imagination and creativity and cannot wait to begin writing full narratives next week.

Our STEM morning this week continued to look at forces and magnets. The children were tasked with creating an experiment that accurately tested the strength of different magnets, using only magnets, paperclips, rulers and any other equipment in the classroom. They then had to display their answers as a bar chart.

During Topic this week we made two different dips (Raita and Salsa) that we were then able to try with flatbreads. All of the children had a great time and tried new foods – including Jalapenos! The recipes we used are here if you would like to give them a try at home: US2-T-005-Cinco-de-Mayo-Salsa-Recipe_ver_1T-D-017-Raita-Recipe

All of Year 4 will be playing Hockey this term for their outdoor PE slot. This week we continued to look at dribbling the ball and how we could do this in different ways dependent on how fast we needed to be moving. For our indoor PE slot we are doing dance; this week we focused on holding shapes and how we can use these to represent different objects or ideas.

Once again, our Art lesson was a highlight of the week. We continued to look at art from the world this time looking at China. We looked at Chinese painting styles and then tried to recreate pictures of bamboo and mountainous landscapes. We wonder where we will visit next!


Additional information:

Next week we will be reading chapter 10 of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

If you have not done so already, please return the personal information and paracetamol consent form for the residential trip.


The Golden Lock

We’re always keen to promote and support sustainable travel and healthy living at our school, and next week on Wednesday (09.03.22) the Junior Travel Ambassadors will be randomly selecting three lucky winners for the golden lock prize! If you’ve cycled to school that day, you’re automatically entered into the prize draw. The JTAs have 3 golden padlocks to give out and will fix 1 to one bike in each of the main 3 bike rack zones on school premises. There are some great prizes in store for the winners – so get on your bike!