Brilliant Board Games!

We have had another jam-packed week in Year 4 with the highlight being an extra-long topic morning to create board games. During English this week, we have been...


We have had another jam-packed week in Year 4 with the highlight being an extra-long topic morning to create board games.

During English this week, we have been writing explanation texts about different inventions. The children began by exploring a variety of inventions including toilet flushes, magnets and bike bells. Each child then picked an invention and wrote an explanation text about these making sure we included all the key features. As part of our work we began to explore subordinate conjunctions and we will continue looking at these in next week’s writing journal.

We continued to look at multiplication during maths this week. As the week progressed, we began to consider the most efficient ways that we could solve a multiplication problems; ending with a problem solving lesson where the children worked in pairs to solve and reason their answers. To finish the week, we began looking at division as grouping and will continue to explore this next week. The maths sheets for this week are attached here: Maths W5 final sheets

On Friday, we took part in NSPCC Rocks. Across the country, schools competed to see who could complete the most hours on Times Table Rock Stars. Next week, we will find out who the top classes in our school were and if we managed to rank amongst the top classes in the country.

The highlight of this week has been creating our board games during an extra long topic morning. Each child worked with a partner to invent and make a board game for a Year 1 or 2 child. Some of the classes even got to take theirs to one of the KS1 classes, so that they could be played by their target market.

In Science this week, we continued to explore circuits. We built circuits that contained switches and then created an experiment that tested which materials were conductors and which were insulators with a focus on creating scientific predictions. This led to some amazing scientific enquiry and interesting investigations. 

For PSHE this week we explored how we can build friendships and welcome someone new. We began by considering how an individual may feel when they arrive at somewhere new and the ways in which we could welcome them. We finished by creating leaflets either giving advice for a child that is new to UCPS or explaining to other children how they can support and welcome newcomers.

Unfortunately, we were unable to do our cricket sessions this week, however, each class had lesson outside playing games such as capture the flag. Cricket will be back as normal next week. The weekly PE challenge is attached if your child would like to have a go: Around the World Challenge


Further messages:

Next week in guided reading we will be reading Chapter 7 of a Series of Unfortunate Events. We will be considering the following questions:

  • Why does the author write ‘people who hate stories in which terrible things happen to small children should put this book down immediately’? Use some examples to explain what you think.
  • What do you think Count Olaf is planning? Is he planning anything at all? What could the children do to find out?
  • Look at page 7. How did the hook-handed man react when he saw what Klaus was reading? Why do you think he reacted that way?


Next week we will be celebrating children’s Mental Health Week. This will be a busy week full of assemblies, mindfulness sessions, stories and creative learning to reflect on how we grow and change. Here are some ideas to discuss these important topics at home:

We are looking forward to the Family Zumba charity event on Thursday 10th at 4.30PM. Some teachers and staff will all be taking part so we look forward to seeing many of you dancing virtually.

On Friday 11th children can come dressed in Yellow for our diversity celebration.