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5 July 2024

Wish Writing and a Whole lot of Fractions

In English this week we have been innovating upon our focus text: The King of the Fishes. We’ve used the structure of the story to explore our own...


28 June 2024

Wishes and Wandlebury

What a wonderful week! The children have had the most fantastic time on their trips to Wandlebury. They impressed the staff at the venue with the amount of...


14 June 2024

Week 2

What a wonderful week! The children have been working incredibly hard this week to write their own responses to the question: ‘what are the qualities of an enjoyable...


17 May 2024

Just a fraction left…

This week we’ve turned our attention to the villain of Varjak Paw, Sally Bones. We’ve considered the tropes of superhero origin stories and how Sally could’ve come from...

Varjak Paw


10 May 2024

4 out of 6 week done – or should that be Paw…

It’s been a hot summery week but that hasn’t stopped us from working hard with our learning (Please remember to send children in with hats!). In English we...


3 May 2024

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

Thank you so much for attending learning conversations with us – it is such a wonderful way to celebrate the children and their progress throughout the year and...


26 April 2024

Down behind the dustbin…

Down behind the dustbin, I met a group called year 3 and on the second week of term they really learned greatly! We have had a lot of...


19 April 2024

A Big Welcome Back – plus a notice!

It has been wondeful to have all the children back at school ready to learn. They have been consistent (unlike the weather) in their hard working attitude, which...


22 March 2024

The Colours of a Climate…

What an inspiring week! The children have found their speech making voices this week to share important messages about climate change. We have been delighted with the speeches...


15 March 2024

Wanted: Intrepid Explorers…

What a wonderful week! The children have been working incredibly hard this week to write their own adverts to convince potential explorers to apply for a role in...


8 March 2024

You are cordially invited…

…To read all about our fantastic week of learning in Year 3! This week we have been so impressed with the writing the children have produced during their...


1 March 2024

All the fun of the fair…

This week we began our English unit by exploring the front cover of ‘The Midnight Fair’, The children make some wonderful observations: “Where did the animals learn to...


16 February 2024

Much ado about Shakespeare

It’s been a wonderful Shakepeare week – the children have been learning A Midsummer Night’s Dream through active storytelling. We’ve enjoyed all the drama and mix ups from...


9 February 2024

Measure for measure

In English: Carrying on from last week’s focus on portal stories, we used an explicit story structure as a success criteria to assess how successful an example story...


2 February 2024

Magical Worlds and Wonderful Magnets

In English: We have begun to think about how to write a portal story and started by coming up with key portal objects – these included things such...


26 January 2024

An Ug-cellent Week of Learning!

In English: We have started our new text ‘Ug’. We have used it to help us write fronted adverbials, and then use them in comparisons between things that...


19 January 2024

Brrr-illiant learning

Despite the icy cold weather, the children have warmed up their fingers by writing lots in English. We have retold the story of the ‘Stone Age Boy’ but...


12 January 2024

Welcome Back!

Welcome back! It’s been lovely to have all the children back ready to learn. Whilst it has been an adjustment coming back from the holidays, the children have...


15 December 2023

Powerful Publishers

It was wonderful to welcome so many of you into our classrooms this mornings- the children loved sharing their learning and there were so many moments of joy!...


8 December 2023

Magnificent Mountains

This week we were so impressed with the way that children have applied their learning from Geography into their English learning. We explored the books ‘Highest Mountain, Deepest...


1 December 2023

Budding journalists

This week we were so impressed with the budding journalists in Oak, Redwood and Maple. The children were so excited by the breaking news and events unfolding as...


24 November 2023

Breaking news…

This week we began by exploring the different features of newspaper reports. We read lots of reports based on familiar stories and picked out the key features. We...


10 November 2023

Hot and cold haikus

This week we began by exploring haikus and spotting the rules for these short and sweet poems. We worked hard to gather our own weather themed vocabulary before...


3 November 2023

Fantastical Feathers and Firebirds!!!

What a truly wonderful Arts week we have had in Year 3! The children have loved exploring the story of ‘The Firebird’. The week began with some active...


20 October 2023

End of an (ancient) era

We have come to the end of our Ancient Egypt project and hope you enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful learning the children in year 3 have been...


13 October 2023

Tutankhamun’s Tomb

We learned what the ancient Egyptian’s believed about life after death this week, and the process of mummification to keep the “ba” connected and safe. This was accompanied...


6 October 2023

Hieroglyphics & Soil

This week we began working on a showcase of writing for our Ancient Egypt project. Children chose an animal (either cat, crocodile, scarab beetle or falcon) and researched...


29 September 2023

Fantastic Fossils

This week has been another wonderful week in Year 3. During science the children have researched fossils and the fossilisation process. They created some beautifully presented posters showcasing...


22 September 2023

Marcy’s adventures with Arthur

Not only did we continue our work on compound sentences this week, but we also moved into descriptive writing using expanded noun phrases and time conjunctions. We read...


15 September 2023

Ancient Egypt: exploring with Howard Carter

With our Learning to Learn week complete, our second week of term saw us get back into the regular routines of subjects such as Phonics/Spelling, History and Science....


8 September 2023

Welcome to Year 3!

We have had a busy and varied week this week as the children have got back into the swing of school: with new classes, classrooms, teachers and subjects,...

Quiosco de Helados


14 July 2023

Quiosco de helados!

English This week in English, we enjoyed learning about the Hindu festivals of Diwali, Holi and Kumbh Mela when reading ‘The Big Book of Festivals’ which is a...

Observational sketching


6 July 2023

Looking closely…

English This week in English, we continued enjoying ‘Umbrella’ by Elena Arevalo Melville, a beautiful picture book about a magical umbrella that helps people.   This week we thought...


29 June 2023

Magical Umbrella…

English This week in English, we began focusing on ‘Umbrella’ by Elena Arevalo Melville, a beautiful picture book about a magical umbrella that helps people. We used role...


22 June 2023

Shape Detectives

English This week, we have continued to read “The Adventures of Beekle, an Unimaginary Friend”. We focused on justifying opinions with evidence from the text, particularly looking at...

Learning about parallel and perpendicular lines


18 June 2023

Parallel or perpendicular?

English This week we have continued to read “The Adventures of Beekle, an unimaginary friend”. The children adore this book and digging deeply into character perspective has been...

Beekle The Unimaginary Friend


8 June 2023

Welcome back!

English This week we started a new book called “The Adventures of Beekle, an unimaginary friend”. The children loved their introduction to this sweet book all about friendship....


27 May 2023

Computing Showcase!

It’s been another busy week in Year 3 as we head towards half term; a lot of time this week has been taken up with our half-term assessments...

When is a quarter not a quarter? When it's a half!


18 May 2023

When is a quarter not a quarter? When it’s a half!

We’ve had another great week in Year 3 with a somewhat technological focus! English In English, we continued reading and enjoying Varjak Paw.  We discussed how the author...


11 May 2023

Super Spheros and Sunshine!

This has been another fantastic week of learning and the first proper appearance of spring sunshine! We had a great time coding our Spheros robots in computing, including...


5 May 2023

Cycles and Celebrations!

This has been a very exciting week of learning, coronation celebrations and Bikeability, all sandwiched between two bank holiday weekends! We had a wonderful whole school lunch on...

Eddington aerial view


28 April 2023

UCPS is part of a whole!

Another exciting week of learning is complete! English This week we have continued to read a selection of poems by Michael Rosen.  We are using his collection of...

Varjak Paw


21 April 2023

A noble, special type of cat…

We have had a great first week of learning after the Easter break!  We have some exciting projects planned for the coming six weeks in Year 3. English...

A life on the ocean waves


30 March 2023

A life on the ocean waves

***STEM*** update 18/04/23: we are now learning about pneumatics in STEM/DT and planning how to design and make a simple pneumatic toy.  The children are really engaged with...


23 March 2023

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We have had another great week of learning this week and are enjoying the warmer, sunnier days. However, our climate project has taught us that climate change is...


17 March 2023

Extreme Weather and Powerful Speeches

What a wonderful week of learning we have had! Although in-class teaching was a bit shorter this week due to the strikes, we were able to dig deeply...

Whatever The Weather


9 March 2023

Whatever The Weather!

This week’s learning in Year 3: In Maths we’ve been built on our understanding of the inter-relatedness of times tables facts and our understanding of multiplying by ten...

Free verse inspired by The Midnight Fair


2 March 2023

You’re a poet but you don’t know it…

This week’s learning in Year 3: Maths/English/learning challenges In Maths we’ve been making connections between the 2, 4 and 8 times tables and using our knowledge of multiples...



23 February 2023

Herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?

This week’s learning in Year 3: Maths/English/learning challenges In Maths we’ve been making connections between the 3 times tables and the 6 times tables. We’ve been exploring adjacent...


3 February 2023

Mongering through the Iron (and Stone) Age!

This week’s learning in Year 3:  English  In English this week we had a blast trying out our dramatic skills in order to learn more about adverbs. This...


27 January 2023

Booklets and Brilliant Learners!

This week’s learning in Year 3: English This week was assessment week, so we worked very hard in our English Reading, Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation booklets. We...

Forest School - building a home for birds


20 January 2023

May the force be with you!

This week’s learning in Year 3: English In English, we continued exploring the book, ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. We are focusing on developing inference skills, explaining...

Stone Age Boy


13 January 2023

Forest School is go!

This week’s learning in Year 3: The children have completed their first full week back in school after their break, and are settling back into our routines and...


6 January 2023

New Year, New Project!

This week’s learning in Year 3: Happy New Year! We are very excited to be back at school and to have started our new project, Stone Age to...


21 December 2022

Rocking around the Christmas Tree!

This week’s learning in Year 3 This has been a very exciting week of Christmas celebrations! We had a disco on Tuesday, where we enjoyed dancing away to...


16 December 2022

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

This week’s learning in Year 3 What an exciting week of snow and Christmas excitement! A reminder that we break up for the Christmas holidays on Wednesday at...

Journey To the River Sea


3 December 2022

Portals and beyond!

This week’s learning in Year 3 English This week, we have been finalising our ‘portal’ stories where an everyday object (e.g. a puddle) acts as a portal and...


18 November 2022

Into the Rainforest

This week’s learning in Year 3: In geography, we focused on rainforests, learning about the different layers that can be found: the forest floor, the underlayer, the canopy...

Canopy bridge in Costa Rican rainforest


12 November 2022

Tasty TastED

This week’s learning in Year 3 TastED learning in STEM This week, Year 3s had a scrummy STEM session, tasting a range of fruit and vegetables! As they...


4 November 2022

Brilliant Biomes!

This week’s learning in Year 3: Our new project is biomes. In geography, we learnt about the main types of biomes around the world and their features. English: We...


21 October 2022

The British Museum comes to UCPS

This week’s learning in Year 3 Egyptian Museum Exhibition We were really pleased to welcome so many Year 3 parents to the children’s Museum Exhibition.  They were so...

Year 3 saltdough fossils


14 October 2022

Paleontology in minutes!!

This week’s learning in Year 3: English: We have been researching our non-chronological reports for our UCPS Museum next week.  We have worked in triads for this and...


30 September 2022

Rocks in Eddington

    This week’s learning: English: We have been continuing our non chronological reports by focusing on how King Tut’s tomb was discovered. Grammar focus: Adverbs Maths:...


26 September 2022

Egyptian life

This week in English, we focused on compound sentences and using conjunctions to put together two simple sentences.  We also explored non chronological reports and what features they...


16 September 2022

Delving into Ancient Egypt

We can’t believe how quickly this year is going already! We have had a fantastic week with Year 3, and we are so impressed by how the children...


9 September 2022

Year Three Glee!

Welcome back! It’s been great to have the children back and to welcome them to Redwood, Maple and Oak. This week has been a fantastic week of getting...


15 July 2022

Carnival Celebrations!

This week was the second week of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) fortnight, which was rounded off with the wonderful carnival and parade! Today, we...


8 July 2022

Flowers Galore!

This week was our first week of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) fortnight, and we have been doing some really exciting learning. We spent a...


1 July 2022

Art Attack

The next two weeks of school are going to look a little different to normal. They are called the STEAM weeks (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) and...


24 June 2022

Sports Spectacular

What a wonderful sunny week! We’ve had yet another great week of learning as well as some extra special events. The most notable was of course… SPORTS DAY!!!...


17 June 2022

Our Eddington

Alongside the glorious weather we have also done lots of glorious learning! In English, we created our own Diary’s based on Ann Fine’s ‘Diary of a killer cat’....


15 June 2022

Showcasing our best angle

It has been a great and learning filled start to the final half term of this academic year! In English, we have been completing an author study. We...


27 May 2022

Jubilee Glee

Happy half term! We are so proud of what the children in Year 3 have achieved this half term, including designing and creating shadow puppet theatres, writing scripts...


20 May 2022

Shadow Shenanigans

Wow – what a great week of exciting learning, sunshine and creativity! In Topic, we continued making and decorating our shadow puppet theatres. We created screen for our...


13 May 2022

Shadow Puppet Painting

Thank you SO much for all your cardboard boxes – this is what we needed them for!!! We took the first steps towards creating our shadow puppet theatres...


6 May 2022

Mythical Magic

This week, year 3 have been continuing to explore this term’s shadow play topic. This has seen us testing different materials for the upcoming shadow puppet theatre and...


29 April 2022

Recounting our adventure

In English we have been recounting our experience last week in relation to the mythical Eddington Beast. We explored past tense verbs and how they can be regular...


22 April 2022

A Mystical, Mythical Week

This week we have had a roaring start to our summer term. We started our week by hearing about a mysterious creature that Dr Biddulph spotted in the...


31 March 2022

Celebrating our World

Happy Easter holidays! We have had a great last week of term with our ‘around the world’ event and preparations. Despite the weather, it was a fantastic afternoon...


25 March 2022

Dancing into Spring

We have had some fantastic learning from Year 3 this week and can’t believe it was our last full week of learning this term! We have been rehearsing...


18 March 2022

Fractions Frenzy

Yet again, year 3 have wowed us all with a week full of brilliant learning. They developed their portal stories, investigated fractions, created beautiful art, continued working on...


11 March 2022

Portal Adventures

The term really is flying by. We are now well into our Around the World in 80 Days topic and the children are making the most of an...


6 March 2022

Mesmerizing magnets

This week in Maths, we have been focusing on multiplying a two digit by a one-digit number. In order to do this we have been looking at the...


25 February 2022

Poetry Performers

Wow – we cannot believe we have already completed the first week of this half term, and it has gotten off the a cracking start! In maths, we...


11 February 2022

Happy Rainbow Friday

Wow – we cannot believe we have already reached half term, and what a half term it has been! This week was the perfect way to end Spring...


4 February 2022

Sing a Forest Tune

What a fantastic week this has been! The children have really enjoyed the extra topic lessons we have had this week, which included constructing their board games and...


28 January 2022

Super Circuits

What a week! Everyone has really thrown themselves into our Inventions topic with gusto, and this week it was finally time to write a set of immersive instructions...


21 January 2022

Multiplication Madness

This week has been a busy week of learning! In maths, we have begun learning about multiplication. We looked at the patterns in the 3x table and how...


14 January 2022

Exciting instructions

What a wonderful week of learning!! English This week in English we have been exploring what makes effective and clear instructions. First we explored how unclear instructions could...


7 January 2022

The Tale of The Tin Soldier

Even in just three days, Year 3 have done so much learning this week! This week marked our annual book week where we looked at the story of...


17 December 2021

Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful term it has been. All three classes have truly risen to the challenges that being in Key Stage 2 has brought and are growing into...


10 December 2021

Writing Showcase

What a week! Year 3 have impressed us all no end this week. Over the course of Monday and Tuesday they wrote writing showcases that blew us away,...


3 December 2021

An Array of Learning

This week has been another busy week of learning for Year 3. In English, we have started a new book, Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, which tells the...


26 November 2021

Making Waves on STEM Day

We cannot believe we are already more than half way through this half term and only have three weeks until the Christmas holidays! We have had a great...


19 November 2021

No Electricity? No Problem

This four day week has been packed full of exciting learning!   In English, we have been moved by the experiences that refugees have to go through in...


12 November 2021

Refugees, Migrants and Asylum Seekers

Although it has been a shorter week, this week has still been packed full of fantastic learning! In English, building on the story of ‘The Journey’ we have...


5 November 2021


We’re sure you agree that although half-term was fun, it’s even better to be back learning! This week saw the advent of our new topic: Survival. The clue’s...


22 October 2021

Museum Magic

The first half-term of year 3 has absolutely flown by, as has our ancient Egypt topic. We have spent the past 7 weeks exploring dark tombs, uncovering glittering...


15 October 2021

Grateful to live in the 21st Century!

This week has been another busy and wonderful week of learning for Year 3, and what a day Thursday was! Thank you everyone for being so flexible and...


8 October 2021

Amazing Artists

We cannot believe we have already had five weeks of term! We have had a great week of learning, including two wonderful Art lessons. We created different buildings...


1 October 2021

Marvellous Mummification

In English, this week we focused on using adverbs in our writing while using the content of our Ancient Egypt topic. We have now begun to draft our...


25 September 2021

Exploring the Tombs of Ancient Egypt!

This week has been another week of fantastic learning in Year 3! In English, we have been exploring the features of non-chronological texts and using this, alongside our...


17 September 2021

Egyptian Energy

How is it already the end of the second week of term!? We are all extremely impressed with the year 3 children as they have continued to give...


10 September 2021

First-week Fun

Welcome back everyone!!! It’s been wonderful having all the children back in school this week and everybody has loved being back with their friends and teachers, as well...


15 July 2021

Skipping to the end of term!

This week we have had an exciting visit from SkipBeatz, a world-record holding skipping champion! Pete gave us a demonstration of his incredible skills with a skipping rope,...


9 July 2021

Epic Endings…

This week, we have really enjoyed being authors, writing some incredible stories about characters stranded in the Amazon Rainforest, inspired by our focus text ‘The Explorer.’ We have...


2 July 2021

Exploring the Amazon

With each passing week, we find ourselves deeper in the Amazon rainforest. This week, we’ve continued reading The Explorer and have centered our learning around the four main...


25 June 2021


Year 3 have had an absolutely spectacular Arts week. We have been inspired by Jacob Collier’s song Hajanga and have used the themes as a springboard for all sorts...


18 June 2021

The Explorer

This week, we have been diving into our new book ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell, a dramatic story about a group of children who need to survive in...


11 June 2021

The Vanishing Rainforest

Goodbye Fashion, hello Rainforest! Our final topic of year 3 is all about the amazon rainforest, so naturally the learning street is feeling a bit overgrown. We kicked...


28 May 2021

Puppet fashion!

It has been a week of successes and celebrations as we have finished off the topic on Fashion. Year 3 have been creating puppet sculptures in Art and...


21 May 2021

Deep thinking and developing plots…

Firstly, a huge welcome back to Redwood Class! We missed you last week and are so happy for your return! This week has been full of deep thinking....


14 May 2021

Bill’s New Frock

New week, new frock. For Bill that is, the protagonist of Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine, the classic story about a boy that wakes up one day...


12 May 2021

Redwood Online Learning (Thursday 13th May)

Hi Redwood, Here is the grid paper you can use for your map making today: Grid paper Map Making Enjoy!


7 May 2021

Sewing for sustainability!

It has been a packed week this week. Year 3 have squeezed so much learning into the shorter week! A particular highlight of the week was script-writing and...


30 April 2021

Fashionable Fun

Our Fashion topic is now well underway and year 3 have really enjoyed getting their teeth into it this week. Across the week, we have spent our English...


23 April 2021

Skipping through the week…

This week has been Skipping Challenge Week! We have been putting ourselves (and our teachers!) skipping talents to the test by practicing different skipping skills. Here are the...


16 April 2021


Welcome back to a new term! The children had an exciting surprise on their return to school on Tuesday… a fashion show through the decades put on especially...


26 March 2021

Gratitude and Hope

This week we marked a year since the beginning of lockdown restrictions as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. All of Year 3 stopped for a minute...


19 March 2021

Two weeks of fun

Two weeks back in school? It feels like we never left now! Everybody in year 3 is fully back in the swing of things. We love going outdoors...


12 March 2021


Well, what an absolute JOY this week has been! We have absolutely loved having the children back!!! We are so proud of their resilience, adaptability and the way...


4 January 2021

Online Learning

Week beginning 11th January Year 3 Home Learning – Week 2 Booklet The Way Back Home Week beginning 4th January The Fox and the Star booklet


18 December 2020

Happy Holidays!

Wow, what a term! To all of our Year 3 children, we want to say how PROUD we are of you and all that you have already accomplished...


11 December 2020

Story time!

This week in English we have been working on a story about the character we created last week. This character was alive during the time of the British...


4 December 2020

I went to market and I bought…

As you may have noticed on Monday, we dived into this week by travelling back in time to a market in colonial India. After debating about Britain’s treatment...


27 November 2020

I call this house to order!

For the past two weeks Year 3 have been honing their debating skills, with increased confidence and articulate speech. We have investigated two topics of debate: School is...


13 November 2020

The Proudest Blue

After two weeks back in school, it really feels like we’ve never been away. Children from Oak, Redwood and Maple are truly back in the swing of things...


6 November 2020

Diversity and Discrimination

It’s been a super week back after our half term break! We launched our new topic ‘Power and Invasion’. We played ‘Capture the Flag’ to experience what it...


23 October 2020

Healthy Living Week

This week the whole of UCPS has been thinking about healthy living, with a particular focus on exercise. Each class in Year 3 has taken on the daily...


16 October 2020

We’re poets and we didn’t even know it!

How can there only be one more week in Autumn 1? Everyone from Maple, Redwood and Oak has continued to work hard this week, striving to maintain the...


9 October 2020

The Lost Chapter…

We have been so impressed by the children’s writing this week. They have been incredible authors, writing ‘The Lost Chapter’ to the story of Odysseus, imagining that before...


2 October 2020

Odysseus and the Scylla

We are well into the swing of things this term and have been thoroughly enjoying immersing ourselves in the story of Odysseus. One of the ways that we...


25 September 2020

It’s all Greek to me…

25th September 2020 Wow, where have the last three weeks gone? We are now well into our first half-term and year 3 are proving themselves to be very...


18 September 2020

All Things Great and Greek…

Well, what a FABULOUS week of learning we have had! We continue to be blown away by how quickly the children are settling into their new routine; we...


11 September 2020

Welcome back to school!

We were so excited to welcome the children back to school after such a long time away. It has been a fantastic start to Year 3, with all...


10 July 2020

The Rescue! (w.c. 13th July)

The Rescue! To make sure you are ready for 2020-21 here are some key learning goals for you to think of: Year 3 to 4 readiness Welcome to...


3 July 2020

Crash Landing! (w.c. 6th July)

Crash Landing! Welcome to week 2 of the ‘UCPSpace’ project learning! We hope that you enjoyed the launch of our new learning projects last week! The anticipation is...


26 June 2020

Lift Off! (w/c 29.6.20)

We Have Lift Off! This week, the University of Cambridge Primary School is embarking on a three week project that will culminate in the children meeting their new...


19 June 2020

Learning Links for w/c 22nd June

Hello everyone. Welcome to a new week of your online learning! Messages for the Week Premier Sport have very kindly offered to send us some fitness and exercise...


12 June 2020

Learning Links for w/c 15th June

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new week of your online learning! Messages for the Week Each week, in addition to the Maths sessions, there will be a focus...


5 June 2020

Learning Links for w/c 8th June

Hello everyone! Please see below for all of your learning links for the week. Although we have numbered the sessions, please feel free to go at your own...


31 May 2020

Learning Links for w/c 1st June

Hello everyone! Welcome back to your online learning! We hope that you had a lovely half term. Please see below for all of your learning links for the...


17 May 2020

Learning links for w/c 18th May

Welcome back to another week of online learning! Can you believe that it is nearly half-term? Here is a booklet all about Empathy for you and your families...


10 May 2020

Learning links for w/c 11th May

Welcome back to another week of online learning, we hope you had a lovely long weekend! Here is an uplifting video shared by Mr Smith. You could use...


3 May 2020

Learning Links for w/c 4th May

This image is taken from Reasons to be Cheerful which is a selection of poems for children and adults alike. Enjoy reading together and remember that you are...


26 April 2020

Learning Links for w/c 27th April

Please see below for worksheets and activities linked to this week’s lessons. You will find the Maths and English lessons are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with a...


19 April 2020

Welcome back and dive with us Under the Sea w/c 20.04.2020

Welcome back to online learning with Miss Natale, Miss Lownsbrough and Miss Millar.  We hope you and your family kept safe and had a lovely Easter break. Our...


29 March 2020

Learning links for the w/c 30.03.20

Hi year 3! We hope you had a great weekend and that you are looking forward to week 2 of virtual learning! You will be sent a daily...


22 March 2020

Learning links for the week beginning 23.03.20

Hi year 3! You will be sent a daily email from enquiries with the UCPS YouTube videos for each day’s learning. If you have any questions during this...


13 March 2020

STEM WEEK: learning outside!

There have been many highlights this week and we have enjoyed working together and exploring the wonders of our environment. We used our forest to hunt for invertebrates...


6 March 2020

Share a Million Stories!

This week we have delved into books and have started planning our own ones as well as being inspired by well-known books. We thought about the power of...


28 February 2020

Around the World in 80 Days

It has been a busy start to the half term and Year 3 have immersed themselves in our new topic ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. The children...


14 February 2020

Here We Are: exploring character

This week we delved into the book  Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers and focused on creating characters. We  got a chance to meet another character and work...


7 February 2020

Find your brave!

This week we celebrated Mental Health and discussed what being brave means and how we can show courage in our everyday lives. In English we have been writing...


31 January 2020

The power of persuasion…

Year 3 have really stepped up to the challenge of speech writing this week, exploring many of the different features from the persuasive speeches we studied last week....


24 January 2020

Trip to Cambridge Museum of Technology.

Our highlight this week has been our trip to the Cambridge Museum of Technology. We explored different inventions and took part in interactive, hands-on workshops about bricks, steam...


17 January 2020

Do you want to taste the most amazing sandwich?

In English this week we put our instruction knowledge to the test! First, we came up with our perfect sandwich. Next, we wrote detailed instructions on how to...


10 January 2020

Interesting inventions!

Welcome back to Spring 1! Our Topic this term is Inventions and we started it by finding everyday inventions around the class. We then had to persuade each...