Year Three Glee!

Welcome back! It’s been great to have the children back and to welcome them to Redwood, Maple and Oak. This week has been a fantastic week of getting...


Welcome back! It’s been great to have the children back and to welcome them to Redwood, Maple and Oak.

This week has been a fantastic week of getting to know each other, as well as focusing on learning to learn, establishing classroom rules and routines and refreshing our knowledge of the school’s values and golden agreements. Each day, we focused on a different school value and explored how we can apply this value during certain activities, including: solving a tangram, creating shapes worth 100 with Cuisenaire, creating a PE game in a group, drawing a self-portrait whilst thinking about what is also on the inside, creating bookmarks, and decorating a values hexagon.


In English, we explored how to write a letter, and we then wrote letters to our future selves, describing what we hope to achieve this year. We will open these in July and see whether we able to meet these goals and reflect on how much we have grown!

In maths, we learnt some new maths games to practice our fluency in the mathematical operations, including ‘Don’t Roll a Six’, ‘Naughty or Nice’ and ‘Shut the Box’. These games were great fun and we look forward to playing them throughout the year as a way to practice our maths learning.

On Friday, we reflected on the queen’s death and the incredible leadership and service she gave our country for 70 years. We had an assembly with Mr Rolls where we reflected on the queen’s life and then a minute’s silence to remember her at 11am.

On Friday, we also discovered that our project for the half term will be Ancient Egypt! We thought about what we already know about Ancient Egypt and designed book covers linked to the theme. We can’t wait to get started with this learning next week!

Thank you to all children, parents and families in year 3 for making the first week back such a pleasure.

Wishing you all a restful weekend.

Year 3 Team



Please bring in a photo of your family for our family boards.

In key stage 2, the children need to bring their own healthy snacks to school, usually a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

Please can PE kits be brought in as soon as possible so that they can be stored in the classroom for the half term. Remember to label all kit so as to prevent confusion. PE kit should be a white top, dark shorts, and trainers.

The library is currently being categorised so that a new exciting system is in place. This will be done in two weeks, which will be when your children will be able to bring a reading book home.


Next Week:

In English, we begin exploring our Ancient Egypt topic with a particular focus on adjectives and compound sentences.

In maths, we will be focusing on number and place value, looking at different representations of 2 and 3-digit numbers.