Welcome back and dive with us Under the Sea w/c 20.04.2020

Welcome back to online learning with Miss Natale, Miss Lownsbrough and Miss Millar.  We hope you and your family kept safe and had a lovely Easter break. Our...


Welcome back to online learning with Miss Natale, Miss Lownsbrough and Miss Millar.  We hope you and your family kept safe and had a lovely Easter break.

Our new topic for this half-term is ‘Under The Sea’.  We will be learning about oceans and seas and thinking about the impact of human behaviour on marine life and the considerable threats that environmental ocean damage has for wildlife and human populations.

We have made some small changes to the online learning resources and these are outlined below.

  • The blog will be updated daily so you can access the materials prior to the lessons the day before.
  • Video links to the supporting YouTube lessons will remain the same and are emailed out daily via the school Enquiries email
  • English and Maths will be taught over 3 days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • Other curriculum videos and topic projects will be taught over 2 days (Thursday, Friday)

Monday 20th April 2020 

Maths – we are starting a new unit on time this term. Today all you will need is a timer (on your phone or device) or use the online timer found here. Watch the lesson video and record your learning in your red books.

English – focus on writing descriptive sentences using the story of black rock as a stimulus. Watch the video and record your learning in your red books. If you want to listen to the dramatic music whilst you are writing (as suggested in the video) then you can find some here.

Tuesday 21st April 2020 

Maths – worksheets for Tuesday Maths time Tuesday 21.

English – worksheet L2 Writing and punctuating direct speech and L2 speech help sheet

Wednesday 22nd April 2020 

Maths – worksheets for Wednesday Maths time Wednesday 22

English – setting description L3 extracts of setting description and L3 The art of storytelling tips


Earth day – Today is Earth Day! We have planned some additional resources if you would like to explore this theme more. You might like to use these Writing prompts for Earth Day or explore some of the Earth Day 2020 ideas and Earth Day activities. We hope you have fun learning about our incredible planet!

Thursday 23rd April 2020


Today we are introducing a Science topic, to be completed over the next two days. The lesson video links can be found in your daily email. The activities on marine life, food chains and species research can be found here. Key Word matching activity Species cards Topic Activity prompts

French lesson 1 – After watching the video, have a look at these resources to help you better understand vocabulary to do with cooking and food. vocabulaire dans la cuisine L1 activity 1 and Identifying kitchen vocabulary L1 activity 2

Friday 24th April 2020

Check out this Recipe for Piadina Romagnola if you want to get creative with cooking today!


BBC bitesize daily lessons 

Talk for Writing downloadable resources.


This is the perfect moment to explore lots of different books and read for pleasure. Please find below some links where you can listen to authors reading a large selection of books.

  • Audible (currently free)
  • First News is offering free weekly issues during this time frame.
  • Get Epic is an online library with 40,000 children’s titles available to read.
  • Oliver Jeffers’s will read one of his books every day. Readings will take place at 6pm UK time and are broadcast via Instagram Stories. All broadcasts have been recorded and will also be added to Jeffers’ website
  • Poets are reading out their poems here, with online prompts offering comprehension questions.
  • Storyline Online

Handwriting & Spelling

If you would like to practice your spellings, Spelling Frame has home learning opportunities for you to work on. Pen Pals, the scheme of handwriting UCPS follows, is currently also offering resources for free.


Mark Kistler is hosting a live drawing session every weekday at 5pm.

Rob Biddulph is also hosting a Draw-A-Long every Tuesday and Thursday.

Ideas for being creative outdoors can be found here.


If you would like to practice your touch typing you can visit Typing Club or Nitro Typing. Both are free to sign up for.

Educode Academy also offer 30 minutes of free coding time each day.


If you want to travel around the world from your home try out some of these links:





Active History is offering one month free access to their simulations, games and quizzes. They cover a broad range of historical eras.


Free 30-day mindfulness challenge for families

Outdoor mindfulness activities


If you would like to challenge your brain with some fun thinking visit this website for weekly challenges, riddles and games.


Sing Up, the online music platform we use at school, is offering  freesinging resources for home learning https://www.singup.org/home-schooling.

We also have some ideas and activities around the song One Moment, One People. You can find the lyrics here One Moment One People Lyrics and Links and additional resources here One Moment, One People home resources.


You can find daily science activities and challenges at the Children’s University and Club SciKidzScience Spot also offers ideas of science you can do at home, as well as Mystery Science, which is free for now.


It is great to hear that lots of you are taking part in Joe Wicks live at 9am every morning. Don’t forget to dress up on Fridays!

We also have our very own Joe Wicks, Mr Jackson, who will be uploading his own workout videos for you to do at home. The links will be sent out via email.


Summer Virtual School Games 

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough School Sports Partnership have invited us to take part in their Virtual School Games. Please see the letter and the activities in the links below, starting with a week of Netball challenges. We hope you will enjoy the games and an element of healthy competition in your households! If you wish to submit your entries, there are also prizes to be won. Good luck!

Virtual School Games -Letter to parents

Daily Netball Challenges

Weekly Netball Timetable