Portals and beyond!

This week’s learning in Year 3 English This week, we have been finalising our ‘portal’ stories where an everyday object (e.g. a puddle) acts as a portal and...


This week’s learning in Year 3


This week, we have been finalising our ‘portal’ stories where an everyday object (e.g. a puddle) acts as a portal and transports us to a different biome where we meet the (talking!) animals inhabitants of that biome.  Our story mission is to return home with the help of the animals…. or is it?


Building on our understanding of column addition, we are now working on column subtraction.  The children successfully tackled this with no exchanging and we are now working to master subtraction with exchanging for three-digit calculations.  The children are using the vocabulary of minuend, subtrahend and difference to explain their mathematical thinking when calculating.

PSHCE – Relationships & Sex Education

This week Year 3 started looking at how our bodies change from being a child to a teenager and an adult.  We used accurate scientific vocabularly to name our different body parts and consider how boys/men and girls/women are different, and the changes which occur as we enter puberty.  We will continue this next week.

Guided Reading – Journey to the River Sea, by Eva Ibbotson

We are continuing our exciting adventure in the Brazilian rainforest with Maia and Miss Minton.  We are starting Chapter 6 next week.  For an overview of this delightful book, please have a look at this: Journey to the River Sea overview

PE kit and coats

As the weather has turned much cooler now, we would ask that the children have some warm PE kit, as one our two PE sessions each week is outside on the Arena.  Long track pants and a sweatshirt to wear over a PE T-shirt would be ideal.  Also, there are still some children arriving at school without outdoor coats – brrr!!  Please can children come to school with a coat which is suitable for the winter time.  Thank you!

Family Friday

Next Friday (9th) is Family Friday in our classrooms from 2.30pm.  Please do come along if you can to spend some time with your child and talking with them about their learning, and looking at their school books.

Learning Conversations

Next week, we are holding our Learning Conversations with parents online on 6th and 8th December from 3.30pm.    Thank you to everyone who has booked in.

Our team has grown!

This week, we welcomed Ms Bradshaw to the Year 3 team.  She will be working alongside Mr Kerin, teaching Oak class on Thursdays and Fridays.  The children have made her feel very welcome as she settles in before Christmas.

At home learning

Responding to requests from some of our parents, below are a few links to some useful online learning sites:

English – choose from a large range of spelling, reading or grammar activities

Maths – review how to do column subtraction with 3 digit numbers and exchanging, particularly with a zero value in columns; then practice using these calculations: Y3 Au2 W6 column subtraction with exchange

Science – extend understanding of the life cycle of flowering plants by learning in more detail just how seeds become new plants.

Spanish – building on our naming of animals, learn what noises they make in Spanish!

With best wishes and thanks for your on-going partnership

Year 3 Team