Portal Adventures

The term really is flying by. We are now well into our Around the World in 80 Days topic and the children are making the most of an...


The term really is flying by. We are now well into our Around the World in 80 Days topic and the children are making the most of an evolving learning street and learning full of exploration and investigation.

In English, we continued looking at portal stories and planned our own narrative. Then we practised writing a setting description, using fronted adverbials as they were our grammar focus. The magical portals we imagined ranged from tiny holes in walls to books that suck the reader in; we can’t wait to get really stuck in to writing the whole story next week!

In maths, we began looking at fractions for the first time. Before looking at unit fractions, it’s important we understand the concept and relationship behind part and whole, so we’ve been doing that in a number of different contexts e.g. if England is the whole, then Cambridge is a part of it. The week culminated in us folding strips of paper and identifying equal and unequal parts. If you’d like to have another look at some of our sheets and challenges, you can view them here.

In guided reading, we are close to the thrilling climax of The Bad Beginning. We had some excellent answers to our extra challenges this week as we discussed the feelings and motivations of the characters, particularly the older Baudelaire children, who are doing their utmost to save their younger sister from the wicked Count Olaf.

In science, we were treated to a talk about forces, magnetism and astrophysics (!) from leading Cambridge academic Dr Kupcu-Yoldas. Year 3 children came up with great questions to ask her at the end too, which showed their keen interest and understanding. In our own science lesson, we continued looking at magnetism in detail and identified whether materials were magnetic or non-magnetic through an investigation of our own planning.

In P.E, we are doing cricket outdoors and dance indoors. We are working on our dance to “On My Way” and can’t wait to show it off.

Next Week:

In English, we look at writing the next part of our portal stories, with our grammar focus being correct and varied use of prepositions.

In maths, we continue exploring the relationship between the part and the whole in fractions, moving on to discovering unit fractions towards the end of the week.

Wishing you a restful weekend.

Best wishes,

Year 3 Team