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This four day week has been packed full of exciting learning!   In English, we have been moved by the experiences that refugees have to go through in...


This four day week has been packed full of exciting learning!


In English, we have been moved by the experiences that refugees have to go through in order to find safety. In response to this we are creating our own speeches to inform and educate others about what refugees have to go through and what people can do to help. We have looked a range of different speeches delivered by people such as Martin Luther King, Malala and Greta Thunberg and thought about what made their speeches powerful and emotional. We then looked at persuasive and emotive tools that are used in speeches. We learnt about; the use of personal pronouns, rhetorical questions, including facts and statistics, repetition and the power of three. Using what we had learnt about these we wrote a gripping introduction to our speeches.


In maths, we began to look at mental strategies for subtraction. We recapped the mathematical knowledge of ‘minuend, subtrahend and difference’ and then went on to look at subtraction through partitioning the subtrahend (the amount you are subtracting). This partitioning makes it easier for us to subtract as it breaks down the number into more manageable chunks. We then looked at another method of finding the difference. We learnt that we can use this method when two numbers we are subtracting are quite close to one another.


In guided reading, we continued with our book Race to the Frozen North by Catherine Johnson. We have learnt about Matthew’s job at Janey’s café and how hard he had to work for somewhere to shelter. Now Matthew has told Janey he is leaving to pursue a life at sea and we can’t wait to find out what happens to him next!


During of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) morning this week we learnt about how travels in waves sounds and how our ears hear sound. We then investigated which materials made the loudest sound when we tapped them, we found that wood was the loudest!


This Friday we also had an electricity free day where we used no computers, screens or lights in the classroom. Children’s feedback was that it was a little strange but they enjoyed having a break from electricity.



Wishing you all a restful long weekend.


Year 3 Team



For our Stem day next week please could you bring any empty plastic containers for example yoghurt pots. These will be useful for our investigation on Thursday.

A gentle reminder to ensure your child is coming into school wearing the correct uniform. If you are unsure on what the correct uniform is the please ask your child’s class teacher.



Next Week:


In English, we will be continuing with our speeches, building the main body and the conclusion. We will also be practicing delivering our speeches and exploring how speeches need to be delivered in order for them to be effective


In maths, we are going to continue to look into different strategies we can use when subtracting 2 digit numbers.


Stem day will be next Thursday!