Crash Landing! (w.c. 6th July)

Crash Landing! Welcome to week 2 of the ‘UCPSpace’ project learning! We hope that you enjoyed the launch of our new learning projects last week! The anticipation is...


Crash Landing!

Welcome to week 2 of the ‘UCPSpace’ project learning!

We hope that you enjoyed the launch of our new learning projects last week! The anticipation is building and we hope you can rescue your new teacher from this far away planet! This week you experience a challenging twist to the project! Be sure to access the YouTube videos sent through for this weeks learning to discover the problems that lay ahead… We really need your help!

Unlock challenges

  • Writing: each day this week, you will be writing a diary entry describing the events of your days! Every day you will be writing about something different but for each diary entry, we would like you to practice using different sentence starters and adverbs.
  • Maths: Practice your 6x tables.

Physical challenges

Please find attached some physical challenges that you can take part in throughout this week:

Monday 6th July


This week we will be continuing our learning on measures.

UCPSpace Project 1: You have designed and researched your rocket and created an instruction manual on how to fly it so now you are ready to launch!!! Enjoy your journey into space!

  • Write a diary entry describing what you can see outside of your rocket window: Diary Day 1
  • Don’t forget to use different sentence starters and interesting adverbs.

Tuesday 7th July


UCPSpace Project 2: Uh oh!!! You have run out of fuel and crash landed on a strange planet called Pandora!

  •  Can you make a ‘top tips’ video on ‘How To Keep Calm During a Crisis’ for your team members? What advice do you need to give them now that everything is going wrong?! Alternatively, you could create a top tips poster: Poster Border In your video or poster, make sure you refer to our school values of empathy, gratitude, respect, courage and trust and explain why each one might be important to show during a crisis.
  • In your diary entry for today, can you describe the moments of your crash – what led up to it and what happened next? How do feel knowing that you and your team are safe and unhurt? Diary Day 2
  • Can you draw a sketch of the crash-landing scene?


  • Today is World Chocolate Day! Who even knew this existed?! Ms Natale will be sharing with you a recipe for the most delicious-looking chocolate cake. Here is the recipe: Recipe for chocolate and ricotta cake
  • Ms Natale will also be helping you to revise your French vocabulary from the year.
  • Both video links will be emailed to you.

Wednesday 8th July


UCPSpace Project 3: You are still stranded on Pandora and desperately need to find fuel so that you can re-start your journey to find your teachers!

  • As you search for fuel, can you investigate this new planet and create a map of what you discover? Make sure you use the eight points of a compass on your map. Include any physical features you find (e.g. volcanoes, rivers, mountains) and make sure you use a key and symbols to show these things on your map. You can use this template if you’d like, or create your own: Create a map of your planet!
  • For your diary entry today, write a description of what you find: Diary Day 3

Thursday 9th July


UCPSpace Project 4: You are miles away from your landing site and have discovered that your planet has some strange and bizarre weather patterns!

  • Can you build a shelter at home that you can use to shelter from the harsh weather you are finding on Pandora?
  • For your diary entry today, describe the weather that you are experiencing: Diary Day 4

Wellbeing: Gardening (video link will be emailed to you).

Friday 10th July


UCPSpace Project 5: (There is no video for this project today).

Hooray!!! Finally you have discovered a fuel source for your rocket but it isn’t like any other fuel we might have on earth. You might call it magical…

  • Can you create a magic fuel potion at home and write down the list of ingredients? (e.g. a sprinkle of sand, 2 handfuls of orange mud, 500ml blue fizzy liquid, 4 petals): Potion Template
  • In your diary today, describe how you found the potion, what it is like and how you feel now: Diary Day 5
  • You could get artsy and paint or draw the fuel that you find!

*For Maple*

Miss Lownsbrough has written you a poem for our final Family Friday together. If you would like to read it, you can download it here – Dear Maple


Additional Resources

Handwriting & Spelling

  • If you would like to practice more spellings, Spelling Frame has home learning opportunities for you to work on.
  • Pen Pals, the scheme of handwriting UCPS follows, is currently also offering resources for free.


  • Audible (currently free)
  • First News is offering free weekly issues during this time frame.
  • Get Epic is an online library with 40,000 children’s titles available to read.
  • Oliver Jeffers’s will read one of his books every day. Readings will take place at 6pm UK time and are broadcast via Instagram Stories. All broadcasts have been recorded and will also be added to Jeffers’ website
  • Poets are reading out their poems here, with online prompts offering comprehension questions.
  • Storyline Online


  • Mark Kistler is hosting a live drawing session every weekday at 5pm.
  • Rob Biddulph is also hosting a Draw-A-Long every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Ideas for being creative outdoors can be found here.




  • Active History is offering one month free access to their simulations, games and quizzes. They cover a broad range of historical eras.



  • Singing is a great way to lift your spirits and connect with those around you. You can find songs with music and lyrics to sing on the SingUp website


  • If you would like to challenge your brain with some fun thinking visit this website for weekly challenges, riddles and games.


Sustrans Outside In

  • Walking, cycling and scooting are great ways to contribute to keeping us active and healthy in body and mind. During this time where we are mostly required to stay at home, these activities become harder to do so. Sustrans Outside In therefore aims to provide ideas and inspiration to bring health and wellbeing activities into the home.