Driving into Knowledge: Projects on Soap Derby Racing Cars and Coding Adventures!

What a fantastic and thrilling first summer term we have had in Year 2! Our learning journey took us into the incredible world of coding with our very...

What a fantastic and thrilling first summer term we have had in Year 2! Our learning journey took us into the incredible world of coding with our very good  friend, Dash. We developed new skills and put them into practice by creating the amazing Soap Derby racing cars. Most importantly, we experienced the joy of teamwork, learning to listen to others’ ideas while sharing our own.
In English,  children have completed their writing showcase about their interests. They researched deeply into their favorite topics and used this information to write amazing stories. Their writing included complete sentences, subordinating conjunctions and correct punctuation, showcasing their hard work and attention to detail.
In Maths, we deepened our understanding of 3D shapes by exploring their properties. We challenged ourselves to identify and count the number of faces, edges, and vertices in various 3D shapes, enhancing our spatial awareness and critical thinking skills. Follow the link for more information about 3D shapes. 
Math challenge at home: What time is it? Follow the link to practice telling the time. This is a fantastic activity to develop your math skills. We encourage you to take on this challenge at home during the holidays to keep your skills sharp and have fun learning!
Talk PANTS: We would like to encourage parents to talk with their children about private parts at home. To support this conversation, please watch the provided video together and use it as a starting point to explain and discuss the topic. This can help ensure your child understands and feels comfortable talking about it. PANTS
 Family Friday and Project week
A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the Year 2 parents who supported and actively participated in the children’s showcase projects this week. Your involvement has truly made a difference. The childre n were absolutely thrilled and bursting with excitement as they shared the results of their hard work. It was a joy to witness their enthusiasm and to see them proudly demonstrate the new skills they’ve learned.
Times table website: In our daily maths sessions we have begun learning our times tables. Please find a link here to a website that has times table games to practice: https://www.timestables.co.uk/2-times-table.html Your child’s NumBots login will also work for Times Table Rockstars. If you haven’t done so already, please start using the app with your child at home.
Reading books: Please make sure these are returned on Friday 7th June. The phonics books relate to the spellings we have been learning in class so please use them for any spelling practice alongside the reading.
Please make sure you return books on the day. You will incur a £5 fine if this isn’t returned. Your child will be given their new phonics book once the old one is returned.
PE: Please make sure that PE kits are in school each week and that kits are the correct PE kit for school: white t-shirt, blue or black jumper, blue or black shorts/jogging bottoms/leggings, spare socks and trainers.
Robins – Monday and Thursday
Skylarks – Monday and Friday
Swifts – Monday and Tuesday
Have a wonderful and restful  half term ! 
Year 2 team.