Woolly Mammoth Madness!

As the days begin to get colder and darker, we are still so impressed with the children’s energy and enthusiasm for learning. In English this week we immersed...


As the days begin to get colder and darker, we are still so impressed with the children’s energy and enthusiasm for learning. In English this week we immersed ourselves in the world of instruction writing – creating our own instructions for Dr. Biddulph so he could replicate our scrumptious banana splits from last week. We were also very entertained by our book ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’ and enjoyed creating our own instructions for this and for other things such as How to Brush a Sabre-Tooth Tiger’s Teeth.

In Maths we bravely rebuilt Legoland after the buildings were muddled up by cheeky Ninjago characters, it’s important to note that all the buildings in Lego Land are made with 10 blocks and use two colours. Our knowledge of our number bonds to 10 is very impressive now and we will need this to help us solving more difficult addition (augmentation) problems next week!

Our Topic learning this week has focused on religion and stories of creation – we have particularly enjoyed learning about the Christian and Hindu creation stories and finding the points of commonality between these and reflecting on how both have an important message about caring for the world.

In PE we have continued to use our skills of balance but have transitioned to using this whilst moving, jumping with two feet forwards and sideways, maintaining good posture throughout. We have also been enjoying doing this in the context of a ‘Spaceship dance’.

Next Week:

  • In English we will be creating our own stories about a family living in a deep, dark forest as part of our whole school writing project. We will spend the week immersing ourselves in all things forest and creating our own characters that go on an adventure. We will also have four challenges the children can choose from linked to this – the blue, purple, aqua and green challenge (challenge signs to follow).
  • In Mathematics we will be exploring addition as augmentation using the ‘First, Then, Now’ structure to support problem solving and making links between their knowledge of number bonds and the process of addition – for example, when solving 7 + 2, knowing that 7 is 5 and 2 and using this to help us solve the problem. We will also have three challenges linked to this – the red, yellow and orange challenges (challenge signs to follow).
  • In Topic we will be exploring sources of light and materials that reflect light or do not, revisiting the terms opaque and transparent.
  • In Phonics we will be reviewing a range of tricky words such as put, was, into, you and are.

PE Challenge: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go on a ‘Space Adventure’ – click here for the link and here for the supporting document. We suggest this music as it sounds very atmospheric.

Important Notices:

  • Please do check that your child has wellies and spare clothes, as the weather gets wetter and colder we will be more likely to need these.
  • Thank you to all those who have supplied warm clothes for PE, please do send these as soon as possible as unless conditions do not permit (i.e. wet, slippery and hazardous), we will still continue to do PE outside.