What a wonderful World!

Another wonderful week of excitement and busyness for our Year ones! Phonics:  /u/ /a/ /i/ /o/ e/      Next Week: CVC words-      spot  pit, lit,...


Another wonderful week of excitement and busyness for our Year ones!

Phonics:  /u/ /a/ /i/ /o/ e/     

Next Week: CVC words-      spot  pit, lit, lat, lot, pot, pom-

CCVC words-/u/ /a/ /i/ /o/

Word building    /u/ – snug, snuff     /a/ – plan, grab     /i/ – clip, grin   /o/ – flop,

/u/ – slug, grub       /a/ – flag, slam       /i/ – skip, swim    /o/ – stop, crop

/a/ – drank, grand    /u/ – slump, grunt  /e/ – spend, swept     /i/ – twist, split

See sound mat on last week’s blog.

English: Continue with more Traction Man Stories.- Year One will create their own Traction Man Adventure!

Focus: Learning a story map with actions. We will be focusing on creating our own adventure story maps! Children will be encouraged to recall previous Traction Man stories and use these as a base on which to use their imaginations and change the ‘plot’. We will focus on where the scene is set, changing the original characters to our own and thinking about solutions to the problems that arise.

Key vocabulary– Beginning, middle, problem, end, finally, next, then, solution, characters

Home Challenge: Adults to dictate two simple sentences containing CVC (cat, bat, pop, leg, tin, bus) and other CVCC words from above list for children to write.

Remember to start with a capital letter,  concentrate on forming letter shapes correctly,   leave a clear finger space between each word and finish with a full stop.

Encourage your child to re-read their sentences aloud and challenge them on how to improve it?

Maths: This week we have been focusing on counting groups of objects and representing these on a  tens frame.

Next week: Focus:  To use a < > and = when comparing quantities.

Focus will be on ‘Comparing quantities’ and applying the mathematical vocabulary- More, less, fewer, than.

Science: This week we have been learning about day and night and have thoroughly enjoyed making our shadow puppets. Challenge: Try and make your own shadow puppet at home? Using a torch, how will you make it larger or smaller?

Next Week: Focus: Understanding wind direction using a wind sock.  We will be discovering how to work out which way the wind is blowing and creating our own ‘wind- sock’.

Gentle Reminder

School will be closed for Inset on Monday 3rd October and children return on Tuesday 4th October.

Thank you to those of you who have already brought in your family photos, if you have not already done so please bring them in next week.

Please ensure all P.E Kits are in school and clearly labelled with your child’s name.

As the weather is changing, please ensure your child brings a coat to school daily.


Have a wonderful long weekend everyone and see you all on Tuesday!

Year One Team