Welcome back! ‘Creepy crawlies and investigations, what will you discover? 1.6.2020

         Year One ‘Unlock Challenge’ link: Unlock Challenge Y1 Session 1: English / Phonics combined: This week in English we will be focusing on applying...


         Year One ‘Unlock Challenge’ link: Unlock Challenge Y1

Session 1:

English / Phonics combined: This week in English we will be focusing on applying some of our phase 5 alternative spelling into our writing. We will also be recapping what we need to put in our sentences to make them more exciting to a reader. Today we will be looking at the spellings oe and o_e oe and o_e session 1

Maths: This week we will have a daily maths challenge to deepen your thinking and to practice journaling in maths. Today’s challenge is to do with animals and has many possible answers! Maths challenge session 1

Reading: This week, you can enjoy reading books of your choice! You can use Getepic, Bug club or find books from around your house. Can you create a reading den in the garden or find a cosy corner somewhere in your house?

Handwriting: Can you practice how to form capital letters from A-Z, can you remember when and why we use capital letters? Which ones are the trickiest to remember, can you explore how many capital letters you can find around the house before your daily practice?Capital letters session 1


Session 2: 

English / Phonics combined: Today we are going to a magical kingdom…we will be focusing on the spellings ue, u_e and ew and thinking about how we can write more interesting sentences  ue, u_e and ew activity

Maths: Today’s maths challenge is linked with biscuits (YUM!) and is about carefully following instructions to find the answer. Make sure you check you workings out to ensure there are no mistakes. Maths challenge session 2

Reading: What type of book will you read today? Fiction, picture book, fact book, magazine, comic? Please log into the ‘getepic’ website to access a wide variety of exciting texts!

Spelling: Today in handwriting you will need to practice applying capital letters to the names of some friends in your class. Capital letters session 2


Session 3: 

English / Phonics combined: Today we are going into space….which words will we find there? We will focus on the spellings aw and au au and aw activity

Maths:  In maths there is not always one answer and today’s maths challenge is an example of that! How many different solutions can you find?Maths challenge session 3

Reading: Choose a non-fiction book on ‘getepic’ and learn about creepy crawlies and garden wildlife in preparation for your topic challenge tomorrow.

Spelling: Today in Handwriting can you practice how to add a capital letter to the name of places that you have visited? Why do they need a capital letter? Capital letters session 3


Topic Challenge:


Session 4: Today you will join Ms Bates on a minibest adventure, what will you discover on your adventure? Follow the link to explore the outdoor minibeast challenge for your project learning this week. With support from your parents, you may want to photograph the creepy crawlies you find in the garden to help you when it comes to the drawing activity. Minibest adventure ‘How to find minibeasts’

Session 5: Building on your experiences from yesterday, can you select your favourite mini-beasts and begin to research information about them, you can look at books or use the internet with an adult. Create a fact file with the interesting information you discovered. How will you create your information fact file? Will you make: a video, design a poster or create a non-fiction book? It is up to you! Minibeast fact files and Natural art sculptures

Finally, can you scavenge for natural materials in the garden or in an outdoor space and create some natural art sculptures of your chosen minibeast. Can you document your art work by photographing it ?