The Adventures of the Robot 27.4.20





Session 1

English: This week in English we are continuing with fantasy stories. We are beginning to plan our own fantasy story by changing parts ‘The Robot and the Bluebird’ to make it our own. The focus today is on the story ‘quest’. Click the link to find the resources:English Quest template WB 27.04.20

Maths: This week in Mathematics we will use our addition knowledge to help us answer missing number problems related to subtraction. Before we get started with missing number equations, you explore part whole diagrams that make up the value of 20.Click the link to find the resources: Session 1 Maths

Spelling: This week we are focusing on changing a word from present tense, to past tense by adding -ed. Today you must read the verbs, match them to the pictures and then add the -ed ending to make them past tense. ed spelling day 1

Phonics: This week, we are learning the soft ‘c’ sound. Follow the link to Geraldines video: to hear the sound. Then, have a go at matching the words on our link, to the pictures and practice sounding them out and writing them down. Look, cover, write, check!  Phonics challenge 1

Reading: Today, follow the link to listen to the story ‘Winnie’s Big Bad Robot’. Listen carefully to the story so that you can answer the questions on the link: Reading Challenge 1


Session 2

English: Now that we have decided the settings of our quest now we need to describe what they are like and how the robot overcame them. Remember quests are often dangerous and scary so think of noun phrases that will reflect this. Also in this story the quest has happened in the past so add in some -ed past tense verbs! English Quest ed past tense WB 27.04.20

Maths: Today you will need to re-cap the ‘First—Then—Now’ stories from last week’s learning to help you answer the questions today. Then use your part whole knowledge to help you answer the missing number equations  linked to subtraction. Session 2 Maths 28.4.20

Spelling: Today we are practising spelling past tense verbs ending in -ed. Look at the word, cover it, write it and then check it! ed spelling day 2

‘Phonics: Today, we have some alien names to read. What do you notice about the soft ‘c’ in the names? Phonics challenge 2

Reading: Your challenge today is to read one of the Robot stories allocated to you on BugClub or GetEpic and answer the questions that they provide. There are also some reading challenges here to do if you complete this: Reading challenges at home


Session 3

English: To prepare ourselves for writing next week we are going to actively re-tell our quest. First make a robot puppet to help you re-tell the story. You can even build the settings in the quest if you would like! Using you sentences from yesterday to re-tell the story. The challenge yourself to improve the sentences by expanding noun phrases and adding sequencing language. English Quest retelling WB 27.04.20

Maths: Today you will play the missing number dragon game that you played last week, but this time you need to record the equations as subtraction equations. Follow the link to find the resources to help you. Session 3 Maths

Spelling: Read the present tense sentences. Can you re-write the sentence so that it becomes past tense? Remember you need to find out which word is the verb and then add the -ed ending. ed spelling day 3

Phonics: Can you remember our sound this week? Let’s practice using our soft ‘c’ words in some sentences today! Remember to sound them out carefully as you write them Phonics challenge 3

Reading: Keep up the good reading, choose another Robot story allocated to you on BugClub or GetEpic and answer the questions that they provide. Follow the link to the extra reading challenges: Reading challenges at home


Session 4 – Topic Robot Weekend - Robot Clip Art Cute - Png Download - Full Size ...

Best Strawberry Jam Recipe - How to Make Strawberry JamTopic project: Today, we are going to be instructing the robots to carry out a task using Algorithms…you will need some bread, jam, butter, a plate, a knife and a spoon…can you guess what the task will be? Follow the link to the activity resources: Topic challenge session 1

Session 5

Topic project: Now it’s your turn to choose your favourite filling and write instructions for your Robot to make it. Follow the link to the template and activity resources:Topic challenge session 2