Setting Sail in Week 2

This week we began our first week of topic-based learning in Year 1 and we have been so impressed with the way children have engaged in the journey...


This week we began our first week of topic-based learning in Year 1 and we have been so impressed with the way children have engaged in the journey of Jim and Old Tregarn as they journey across the sea.

In Phonics we impressed our teachers with our amazing knowledge of the Phase 2 phonics sounds, next week we will challenge children to recall the Phase 3 (digraphs and trigraphs) that we learnt during Reception and build words and sentences with these.

In English we enjoyed creating our own labels for different objects we were taking on our trip and writing lists for these as well.

In Mathematics we have explored different comparative vocabulary such as bigger, smaller, shorter, longer, taller, further, less far, heavier and lighter to compare different objects. We have enjoyed using different objects in the classroom to make these comparisons and have been practising using ‘stem’ sentences to comparing two objects such as ‘The elephant is bigger than the mouse’, ‘The spotty snail went further than the stripy snail’.

In PE we have been exploring the different ways we can move, pretending to ride on a bicycle and perform a range of movements such as walking, hopping and even skipping.

In Science we began our TastEd series focusing this week on our sense of sight. We looked at the many shapes, colours and sizes of pepper. We enjoyed cutting open peppers and seeing the different interiors and some of us enjoyed trying them by looking at them, touching them, smelling them and even tasting them and listening to the sound they made as we crunched into their juicy goodness!

Next Week

In Phonics we will revisit Phase 3 sounds (primarily digraphs and trigraphs) using the structure of lessons from our new Sounds Write phonics programme which you can learn more about here.

In English we will introduce the idea of captions which essentially are sentences that describe an image.

In Mathematics we will explore counting and introduce new ways (this week we will be using a tens frame) of representing quantities to reinforce 1:1 correspondence.

In PE we will continue working on children’s coordination and footwork through our story-based PE programme.

In Science we will enjoy another session of TastEd using our sense of touch, with citrus fruits as our focal point.

Important Notices

  • Could we remind any children who have not yet sent their PE kits or wellies into school to please bring these in on Monday as the weather begins to change (from hour to hour).
  • Teachers have been calling or speaking to parents at the door to check in on how your child has settled into school, if you received a call and where unable to speak at this time, please do speak to your class teacher to rearrange.