Once Upon A Time, In A Far Away Land Lived …………….

English:                                                       ...


English:                                                                                                                                          This week, we have been focusing on using our wonderful imaginations to free write. We had a wide variety of inspirational pictures to get our imaginations flowing! Children thoroughly enjoyed reading their stories with the whole class and projecting their voices clearly. What amazing authors our year one children are! English 30.6.23

Maths                                                                                                                                                 In Maths this week, we have focused on learning about ‘turning’, using language like – a quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn, full turn and directional language ‘backwards and ‘forward’. Maths 30.6.23

Phonic                                                                                                                                                In Phonics this week, the children have been focusing on the different spellings for the   <oy>  sound – <oy>  enjoy, toy, destroy    <oi> loiter, noisy, adjoin,  <ouy> buoy, buoyant, buoyancy

Science: This week, we continued to build on our knowledge of our bodies with a particular focus on using our ears to hear.

Next week 

English: We will be learning about different non-chronological reports and writing our own. Each day, we will write sub-headings and apply connectives/conjunctions – and, because, but.

Maths: We will be focusing on recognizing and naming 2D shapes.

In Phonics next week, we will be learning, ‘One sound different spellings for <ar>

<ar>       car, start, shark, March, sharp, jar, craft

<a>       gasp, blast, bath, basket,

<al>     half, calf, calm

<au>    aunt, laugh

<ear>    heart, hearth (the floor around a fire place) 

Other information:                                                                                                                    Sports Day Thursday 6th July (Morning)                                                                                                                    Please remember that children are to wear the colour of their team. This could be a T-shirt or shorts. The team/colours are displayed on our class windows. If you are not sure, just ask the class teacher.

IMPORTANT                                                                                                                              Children will need to arrive at school ALREADY dressed in their P.E. kit, they will also need to have sun cream applied before school starts and have a sun hat and water bottle, both named.

We wish you all a restful and sunny weekend! Year one Team.