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This week In Phonics, we focused on the /ie/ sound spelt /i/; /ie/; /i-e/; /igh/; /y/ used in words such as: fly, slime, pie, might, wild. The children...


This week

In Phonics, we focused on the /ie/ sound spelt /i/; /ie/; /i-e/; /igh/; /y/ used in words such as: fly, slime, pie, might, wild. The children should have received a reading comprehension called ‘Draculite’. If they didn’t you can find it here Draculite reading comp

In English, we focused on ‘The three little pigs story’. We worked on time connectives such as First, Then, Next, After that, Suddenly and Finally. We continued working on making short sentences, (following the three rules: capital letter, finger spaces and full stops), using those connectors in a short story, and demostrating a cronological sequence.

First, I woke up.

Then, I ate my breakfast.

Next, I brushed my teeth.

After that, I put my clothes on.

Suddently, I forgot my snack.

Finally, I went to the school.

In addition, we continued working on adjectives and expanded noun phrases. Using the ‘The three little pigs’ story, we described the different houses that the pigs built and see all the properties of the different materials (straw, wood, brick). If you would like to continue using time connectives at home, here are some ideas you can do at home: Make a recipe, Write instructions for an alien on how to get ready for school or write a diary entry of the weekend. If your child does any extra learning at home, please bring it in to celebrate.

In Maths, we reviewed partitioning, and focused on counting on within 20, using tens frames and number lines to represent equations. If you would like to continue this at home, here is a sheet Tens frame blog activity

In Science, we have continued focused on materials (metal, wood, fabric, plastic and glass), having the opportunity to keep investigating more about their properties.

Next week

In Phonics, we will be learning the <oo> sound spelt /oo/; /u/; /oul/ used in words such as: book, bull, should.

In English, we will listen to the story ‘ The day a crayon quit’ and learn how to write a letter. In addition, the children will play the role of the three little pigs and write a letter from the perspective of to Mr. Wolf.

In Maths, we will learn about adding by making 10 using tens frame.