Medieval Mayhem and Magnificence

This week we stepped back in time to the Middle Ages, a time of castles, monarchy, dragons and knights. We began our learning with a ‘topic launch’ where...


This week we stepped back in time to the Middle Ages, a time of castles, monarchy, dragons and knights. We began our learning with a ‘topic launch’ where we learnt to dance in a medieval style with the Queen of Eddington, we joined the feast as honoured guests of King Richard II, who we will be learning more about next week. We were also treated to a wonderful medieval themed puppet show. This helped us know more about the medieval period and gave us ideas for how we could engage in themed playful learning in our outdoor learning spaces.

You can see the routine we learnt here!

A medieval puppet show!








In English we focused on conjuctions and, so and because and were able to use these in sentences that incorporated some of our new vocabulary around castles.

In Maths we revisited place value, trying to make sure that when writing numbers such as 13, 14 that we don’t write the 3 or the 4 first.

In History we were introduced to the idea of ‘sources’ and explored these asking our five W questions – Who? What? When? Where? Why?

In Design & Technology we had an absolutely fantastic time for STEM Day designing our own moving vehicles, this has definitely sparked an engineering passion across Year 1 that we hope will continue!

Our Storytelling with Marion Leeper was a fantastic experience and we would love to hear any feedback given to you by the children at home.

Next Week

In English we will revisit non-fiction and create our own non-chronological reports for a newly discovered castle to tell people about the history of the castle, the different parts of the castle and what they were used for.

In Mathematics we will look more closely at partitioning numbers into three parts and repeated addition.

In History/Design & Technology we will look more deeply at the parts of a castle, challenging ourselves to build a new castle for Richard II who has unfortunately had his castle destroyed by a fearsome dragon looking at different requests that Richard has made for his new home. We will also be comparing images from the past and present and learn some special words such as ‘chronology’ and ‘monarchy’.

In PE we will return to a normal schedule, please ensure that all children have their full PE kit sent into school.

Rainbow Challenges will continue the same as last week to allow children additional time due to the amount of extracurricular activities last week that prevented them from completing the challenges.

Important Notices

Just a reminder to please send children in with sun hats and sun cream each day. Unfortunately if the weather is sunny and they do not have these items we will have to ask them to remain in the shade during outdoor playtimes.