It all started on Pudding Lane…

What a wonderful week in Year 1! We started the week with a little show from the teachers about the Great Fire of London to help us understand...


What a wonderful week in Year 1! We started the week with a little show from the teachers about the Great Fire of London to help us understand the events in 1666. We learned the song London’s burning to help us bring this event to life.

On Thursday, we all met around the Inner Circle and had a minute of silence for Remembrance Day with the poppy wreaths we made in class.

In English we have been learning more in depth about the Great Fire of London. We transported ourselves back to 1666 and wrote in character as Thomas Farriner about the fire.

In Maths we have been learning about combining parts together to make a whole, and will writing these as an expression (3+2), then moved on to writing it as a calculation (3 + 2 = 5). We will also learnt the names for the different parts of a calculation (addend+addend=sum).

In Science, we followed the scientific method to explore what materials are attracted by magnets. We even had fun creating our own game with magnets!

In Phonics we explored some different spellings of the /ee/ sound in words like free, she, funny and read. Try to find some /ee/ words in the environment over the weekend!

In Physical Education this week we were focusing on jumping and landing doing quarter and half turns. We also worked on doing tuck jumps.

In Art we have been drawing Tudor houses using a quill and ink- we were inspired by some won and watched drawings from Rembrandt as an inspiration.

Here is a jumping challenge for you to try at home: Home PE Jumping Dice

Next week:

On the 13th November it is World Kindness Day and starting on Monday 15th is Anti-Bullying week. We will be talking about how we all have a role to play to make a kind world through small acts of kindness. We will be focusing on how to spread kindness through words and prevent bullying at our school.  Here are some discussion prompts for you at home:

  1. Can you think of a small act of kindness you have done for somebody else, or that somebody has done for you this week? How did you feel?
  2. Can you imagine a world where everybody chooses to act with kindness? What does this world look like? How do people act? How do people feel?  What do people say?
  3. Read this quote ‘Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world’ – Desmond Tutu. What does Desmond Tutu suggest will change the world? – What would happen if everybody in the world did a small act of kindness where they are? – What small acts of kindness could you do to help create a kinder world?

If you want to explore this further you could join Kids’ Kindness Club. This is a free resource where members receive email newsletter, which include kindness challenges, kind stories, quizzes, competitions.

English: we will be learning about the features of letters and imagining what we would write if we were someone who lived during the Great Fire of London.

Maths: we will be learning about breaking a whole down into two or more parts, We will introduce the “–“ sign and we will discuss the parts of the calculation (subtrahend, minuend, difference).

Phonics: We will continue reading and writing words containing the sound /ee/.

As part of our STEM session, we will be investigating the right choice of materials based on their properties to build small houses using the story of the Three Little Pigs.


School will be closed on Monday.

On the 25th November we will taking part in STEM day. For this we will need lots of cardboard so please could you bring some in if you have any. Cardboard pieces – various sizes (boxes/cereal packets etc).

We will also be making models of Tudor houses for our miniature ‘Pudding Lanes’, we would be grateful for any cardboard boxes to use for this project. Please could you bring any spare boxes to your child’s class. Thank you!

Have a lovely and restful weekend,

The Year One Team.