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English: This week in English, we delved into the captivating world of ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ by L. Sarah & F. Lumbers. The students learned how to effectively...



This week in English, we delved into the captivating world of ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ by L. Sarah & F. Lumbers. The students learned how to effectively sequence the story and identify its key components, including the introduction, build-up, problem, and resolution. They have also been actively engaged in writing their own versions of the story.

To assess their reading comprehension, we encouraged parents to read stories to their children and ask them to identify these story elements.


Our focus in Maths was on recognizing and adding equal groups, as well as creating and drawing arrays. We continued to reinforce the importance of counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s, and we urged students to practice making arrays.


During our Phonics sessions, we dedicated time to reviewing the sound /oo/ and its various spellings. We explored words such as “glue” with the “ue” spelling, “flute” with the “u-e” spelling, “balloon” with the “oo” spelling, and “threw” with the “ew” spelling.

DT (Design and Technology):

In DT, we focused on different joining techniques. Students had the opportunity to practice sewing, gluing, and stapling two pieces of fabric together. Through hands-on activities, we encouraged them to discuss and determine the most effective joining technique.


During our Computing lessons, we engaged with programming by working with Root the robot. Students were tasked with coding directions for Root to navigate from point A to point B.


Next Week:


Moving forward, we will be exploring the /ie/ sound with its varied spellings, such as ‘igh,’ ‘i,’ ‘y,’ ‘ie,’ and ‘i-e.’


Our upcoming Maths lessons will be about making doubles and understanding the concept of equal groups through sharing and grouping.


In English, we will introduce the story “Found You” and delve into its analysis. Students will identify the different parts of the story and focus on verb suffixes for past and present tense. Here are some examples of verb suffixes: walked, eats, played, jumps, running, etc.


During the next DT session, we will shift our attention to exploring finishing techniques. Students will experiment with sewing buttons, gluing sequins, and utilizing fabric pens to decorate pieces of fabric, allowing them to enhance their creativity.


In Computing, our focus will be on programming Root to create simple shapes. Students will learn how to command Root to form basic geometric figures, providing an introduction to the exciting world of coding and robotics.

Other information

If you have not already done so, please send in an old T-Shirt with your child’s name on the label, we will use these in DT to design, cut up and sew into a bag next week.


Phonics screening check resources: Please find more resources in these webpages:





We wish you all a restful weekend.

Year 1 Team