Food glorious food!

Our summer term has officially begun and we have had a wonderful first week back with all of the Year 1 children! This week we have launched our...


Our summer term has officially begun and we have had a wonderful first week back with all of the Year 1 children! This week we have launched our Bean to Stalk topic by exploring where our food comes from and linking these to maps of the world. We have planted a range of different vegetable seeds and will be caring for these to help them grow over the coming weeks (hopefully we will be able to share these with our families if they grow!). Dragonflies and Butterflies have had their first forest school sessions and Bumblebees are excitedly anticipating theirs next week – please do check the doors of the classroom for the forthcoming dates to ensure Forest School kits are sent in, children will be sent home in their Forest school clothes at the end of their sessions.

Our learning focus in our subjects has been:

English – recounting what we did to plant our seeds.

Mathematics – Reinforcing our grouping in 10s strategy and looking at patterns in numbers 11 – 19.

Phonics – we looked at the s sound in words like vision, treasure and usual and noticed that it makes a noisy ‘zh’ sound and introduced the split digraph a_e as in cake, make and plate.

Topic (Science) – we have explored the concepts of ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ in relation to plants and made our own predictions about four different plants that we have put in different conditions, we have been learning that a prediction as “something we think will happen”.

PE – we have been working on our fundamental movement skills with a particular focus on skipping and galloping as well as seated balances raising arms and legs and maintaining this position for up to 10 seconds.

Next week we will be learning…

English – our focus will be on writing instructions for seeds that we will be able to share with others. This will be inspired by our amazing book for the next week, Errol’s Garden.

Mathematics – we will continue to explore numbers 11 – 19, reinforcing grouping in 10s through the use of tens frames and looking at some other strategies using number bonds that we can count out and combine collections of objects that add up to teen numbers.

Phonics – we will be learning some more split digraphs next week, e_e as in eve, Pete, swede and theme and i_e as in pipe, strike, slime and write.

Topic (Science) – we will check in on our plant experiment to see if any changes have taken place and record our observations and we will begin to look at some common British wildflowers, learning their names and discussing some of their features. To support children’s learning in this topic please find the British Wildflower Hunt sheets attached, we will have these printed and available if you want to do any wildflower hunting of your own!

Rainbow challenges can be found here so you can discuss these with your children and support their learning

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

The Year 1 Team