Fantasy worlds and Robots W/B: 20.04.20

Dear Children and Families, Welcome back to online learning with Ms Bates, Miss Tatler and Miss Tutchener, we hope you and your family kept safe and well during...


Dear Children and Families,

Welcome back to online learning with Ms Bates, Miss Tatler and Miss Tutchener, we hope you and your family kept safe and well during the Easter break and enjoyed the warm, spring weather together. In response to parent feedback, we have made some small changes to the online learning resources and these are outlined below.

  • The blog is now published weekly and therefore you can access the materials prior to the lessons
  • Video links to the supporting YouTube lessons will remain the same and are emailed out daily via the school enquiries email
  • English, Maths, Reading, Spelling and Phonics will be taught over 3 days (session 1, session 2 & session 3)
  • Topic projects will be taught over 2 days (session 4, session 5)

Session 1

English: We are excited to announce that our English learning for the next two weeks will explore the theme ‘fantastic fantasy stories’. In today’s lesson we will identify the key features of a fantasy story and will be asking you to hunt around the house, but what will you have to find…?Session 1 Features of fantasy stories

Maths: This week we are learning how to relate number bonds to 10 to number bonds to 20. Today, your challenge is to find as many ways to make 10 and 20 as you can. Then, we will compare them and see if we can spot any patterns. Follow the link to the learning challenge today Monday Maths challenge

Spelling: This week you will practice spelling numbers as words. Today you will start with numbers 1-10. Spelling numbers session 1

Phonics: This week we are learning the sound ‘au’ Can you segment and blend the sounds in the pictures and write the words with the ‘au’ sound in: Phonics Monday

Reading: This week your reading challenge is to read and re-read this text called ‘’Formidable Sid.” Each day you will need to re-read the text and answer different questions about the pets the children are going to bring into the classroom for ‘Pet Day’. Reading challenge session 1: Formidable Sid

Session 2

English:  Today we will explore a fictional, fantasy story called ‘The Robot and the Bluebird’ by David Lucas. Throughout the story we will re-cap the key features to a fantasy story and make a list of these as we listen to the story. Your challenge today is to use your imagination and take yourself into the ‘Robot’s fantasy world’, can you design your own fantasy world for the Robot .Session 2 Draw a robot fantasy world   What is it like in this world? What can you see? What can you hear? What makes this is this a fantasy world? 

Maths: Today, we have a cheeky visitor – The Dragon! – he keeps trying to take the golden coins. In order to know how many coins he has taken, we have to remember our number bonds to 10 and 20. Let’s work together to defeat the cheeky Dragon! Follow the link to the resources and see how to play today’s game: Dragon’s treasure

Spelling: Can you practice spelling numbers 11-20 using the method ‘look, say, cover, write’ Spelling numbers 11-20 session 2

‘Phonics: Can you remember our sound from yesterday? ‘au’ Can you segment and blend the sounds in the pictures and the write some sentences using the ‘au’ words: Phonics Tuesday

Reading: Today you need to re-read “Formidable Sid”, were there any words you couldn’t read yesterday but can today? Can you make a list of words you found tricky and ask an adult to practice them with you, there are some difficult words! If you find this a challenge you can take it in turns to read the sentences with a family member, remember the more you practice the better you will become. Have courage! Reading Challenge Session 2 Formidable Sid

Session 3

English: Join us in today’s English lesson and let your imagination run free! Today we will think about magic and the impossible!  First play the game with us on the YouTube lesson and then you can play the game at home. You will transform normal household objects into exciting and obscure objects e.g. “This is not a lamp, it’s a bolt of lightening!”  Session 3 Imagination game

Maths: Today, we are using our learning about number bonds to 10 and 20 to figure out the missing parts of the equations. Miss Tatler has some word problems for you to solve, can you be a maths detective to help her solve them? You can even make your own Maths problems for your family to solve! Follow the link to today’s maths learning challenge Wednesday Maths challenge

Spelling: Can you spell all numbers 1-20 in words, what patterns do you notice? Spelling numbers 1-20 session 3

Phonics: Today, we are recapping the alternative sounds for au / or / aw. Follow the link to today’s learning challenge Phonics Wednesday

Reading:Today is the last day reading “Formidable Sid”, Can you re-read the story and try to use expression in your voice to make the story sound more interesting and exciting. Have you mastered those tricky words by practicing them everyday or are there a few more to work on today? Reading Challenge Session 3  Formidable Sid

EARTH DAY! Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Please follow the links below to see how you can celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day 2020 ideas Earth Day activities

Session 4

Topic project: Our new topic for this half term is Robots so we will be exploring this theme throughout our topic learning. Have you ever wished you had a robot of your own to help out with chores at home? Well now’s your chance to create your own! Think about a job in your house that could be made better by having a robot to help, then get creative and design your robot! Think about your robot’s purpose and any utensils it may need to help it perform its function. If you would like an extra challenge why not build your robot using construction materials or junk modelling! Design a robot

Session 5

Topic project: Robot’s need instructions in order to know what to do, so today we are going to practice using directional language to give instructions that are easy to follow. Instruct your robot