Writers and Explorers venture North!

This week we’ve moved on from our Antarctic exploration and ventured north to the Arctic tundra to learn about the animals that inhabit this part of the earth....


This week we’ve moved on from our Antarctic exploration and ventured north to the Arctic tundra to learn about the animals that inhabit this part of the earth.

In Group Time: We’ve been learning some interesting facts about animals and writing these inside our polar explorer books.

In Phonics: we have been fantastic at learning our new digraphs sh and ch and using these to write a range of words such as shop, ship, shell, chop, chick and even chocolate. We’ve also been practising our tricky words I, the, to, go, the children have been doing really well with these but please keep supporting them to find these words in their reading books and in other contexts such as on signs or in story books.

In Maths: We have been doing some fantastic learning about number 5 and 6 this week and are beginning to use the language of part and whole to explore the composition of these numbers.

Next Week

We will be be learning about baby animals and will have an exciting visit on Wednesday from the British Antarctic Survey to talk about their work in Antarctica.

For Group Time: we will be reading the story Tango Makes Three and talking about what a baby animal needs to be happy and healthy. We will also be extending this to talking about ourselves as babies and what makes our family special. We would really love it if children could bring in a copy of a photograph of themselves with their name on the back to support this learning.

For Phonics: We will learning the ng and th digraphs and practising reading and writing words that contain these sounds.

For Maths: we will practising subtracting one using lots of practical activities and songs as well as writing equations.

The Rainbow Challenges

Red: to create a mixed media picture of what makes us feel happy and to further challenge themselves to write a sentence to accompany the picture.

Blue: To write a number line in the correct order ensuring numbers are correctly formed and to challenge themselves to go beyond 10.

Yellow: To independently write a story about our favourite things.

Green: To use an ipad to complete the TenFrame game and explain how the game works afterwards.

Purple: To create a number themed game using sports equipment outside, such as hopscotch, beanbag throwing into hoops and getting points, spinning a hoop three times and adding up how many spins, etc.


  • could we have baby photographs (named and preferably a copy rather than an original) for our learning next week?
  • could parents please ensure that all clothing sent into school is named to support us in returning these items to you if they are misplaced.

*****WOW Badge Design Competition 2020 – Wonders of the World*****

Get involved in one of the UK’s biggest design competitions. Simply draw any wonder of the world – natural or built by humankind – on the badge template here. 11 winning entries will be turned into more than 400,000 badges to be awarded to WOW pupils across the UK next year.


·        11 winning designs to feature on WOW badges in 2020-21.

·        Up to £500 free WOW resources for 11 winning schools, plus 5 additional schools selected by prize draw.

·        Trophies for winners and highly commended runners-up.

·        Downloadable certificate for the school’s top badge designers!


·        Be big, bold and colourful!

·        WOW badges are only 3cm, so simple designs without people or small details in them work best!

·        Trademarks, logos, images of Strider will not qualify for the competition.

·        Winning designs will be digitally recreated, so pupils  can use pencil, crayons or pens.

For full details about the WOW badge design competition, visit livingstreets.org.uk/badgecompetition2020. Please return printed entries to Miss Glenister in Fuji (year 5) by Friday 28th February 2020.