Who is that trip trapping over the bridge?

Watch out! Who is that trying to cross the bridge? We hope you enjoyed the story of ‘The Great Fairy Tale Disaster’  last week, it was fantastic to...


Watch out! Who is that trying to cross the bridge?

We hope you enjoyed the story of ‘The Great Fairy Tale Disaster’  last week, it was fantastic to see all of your suggestions about what the wolf got up to in different fairy tale stories. Today, we are continuing on our fairy tale theme with another traditional tale. Can you guess which story it might be from these following clues:

  • It includes three goats
  • It includes a character that lives under something
  • It includes a bridge

Were you able to think of a story that has goats, a character that lives under something and a bridge? That’s right this week we are focusing on the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. Please click on the picture below to read the story.


IMPORTANT NOTE* Please continue to collect any recycled materials – cardboard boxes, empty bottles, toilet rolls etc. for the learning activities this week. You will need 10 empty bottles, pringle tubes etc. for playing skittles in our Maths Session 3. 

Again this week, we are going to try and cover all of learning in one blog entry. Following on from feedback, we will provide a simple summary of the weeks learning activities and will attach the home learning tasks in a simple table. This document outlines the learning task for each session and the resources you will need. Please do get in touch via the enquiries email address if you have any specific questions regarding the learning.

Group Learning: This week we shall be learning about the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We shall be listening to the story and answering comprehension questions, creating a story map – but we have mixed things up a bit, you’ll have to wait until session 2 to find out! and writing messages to the troll to explain why the goats should be allowed to cross the bridge. Click here for the Group Time Home Learning Tasks: Group Time Session Explanation

Phonics: This week in Phonics we are continuing to review polysyllabic words and in session 3 we are going to be introducing the children to ‘alien words’. Alien words are also known as nonsense words or pseudo words. See Example below:

Click here for the Phonics Learning Tasks: Phonics

Maths: In Maths, this week, we are revisiting the notion of subtraction – finding one less than a given number up to 10, solving subtraction equations and singing lots of subtraction songs! Click here for the Maths Learning Tasks: Maths

Session 3’s game: Subtraction Skittles

Rainbow Challenges: Please find attached our rainbow challenges for this week. Challenge Signs A4 week 4 11.5.20 We hope you enjoy them and we are looking forward to all the wonderful learning you share with us on Tapestry.

Unlock Challenges:  As mentioned, in the recent letter you received from the school dated 1st May 2020, we have put together an ‘Unlock Challenge’ sheet that explains clearly the basic expectations we have for Reading, Writing and Maths by the time we return to school for Reception children. Do not panic! This learning has been covered already in class and in the learning videos (except number bonds explicitly, although we have been doing a lot of work around this – this will be taught week beginning 18th May). It would be fantastic if you can go over these ‘challenges’ with your child and see if there are any areas that you need to practice a little more, to ensure they are confident in these aspects of their learning. In doing so, this will support them to become independent in their learning as they transition into year 1. Please click here for: Unlock Challenges Reception

Supporting documents: 


We hope you have a fantastic week!

The Reception Team