Who Is That Trip Trapping Over My Bridge?

One more week to go until the end of this first half of the summer term! As always, it has been super busy and full of excitement! This...


One more week to go until the end of this first half of the summer term! As always, it has been super busy and full of excitement! This week our Traditional Fairy Tale has been ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’, we learnt the story through active storytelling and small group dramatic role play. In Phonics, we have reviewed some the digraphs, trigraphs, tricky words and also learnt what cvcc  (lamp) words are. We have challenged ourselves further in Maths  by focusing on problem solving and applying our subtraction skills. Children have designed some amazing bridges that are strong enough for the Billy Goats Gruff to cross and for the Troll to hide under!  After some deep and meaningful discussions during our P4C session, we also wrote a ‘text’ message to the Troll or Wolf suggesting  how they need to change their ways!

Here are next week’s rainbow challenge signs for you to discuss with your child over the weekend- Challenge Signs

Next Week:

English: Focus Book- The Great Fairytale Disaster

The Great Fairy Tale Disaster: Conway, David, Williamson, Melanie ...


The children receive a letter from the wolf explaining that he is trying really hard to be a Big Good Wolf. He also offers the story, ‘The Great Fairytale Disaster.’  Children discuss and suggest what they think the wolf needs to do (or show to another character) that  he is now a ‘goodie’. They then go onto create their own version of this story in a zig zag book. 
Phonics: Tricky words and Phase 4 blends-
Tricky words





Tricky Words





Phase 4 blends


spot, crab, from, frog, clap, stop, plum, grass, glass, flag, flop,

Phase 4 blends


milk, help, tent, mend, belt, lamp, text, kept, hand, nest, task



Adult Led: Building on with Subtraction  (within 10)


Forest School Dates:

Please note slight change to the dates for Forest school.  Each Reception Class will have 4 sessions/2 per week.

Pumpkins: 4 sessions:  Thursday 27th,  Friday 28th May    and then the following week Thursday 10th and  Friday 11th June

Acorns: 4 Sessions:       Thursday 17th,  Friday 18th June   and then the following week Thursday  24th and  Friday 25th  June

Sunflowers: 4 Sessions Thursday 1st,   Friday 2nd July      and then the following week  Thursday  8th and Friday 9th June

Please ensure that you provide your child with clothing that you do not mind getting wet and muddy. Name each item you send into school and ensure all belongings are in a named bag on the day of the session. Please see the list below of the items needed for each session. This can also be found in our Forest School Handbook which is attached for your information. FOREST SCHOOL booklet for parents (1) (1)

  • Outdoor shoes – walking boots or wellington boots
  • Warm socks
  • A warm coat
  • A Jumper or fleece
  • Trousers (leggings or tracksuit trousers)
  • Waterproofs (coat and trousers)
  • Hat/Scarf/gloves

Remember, next week is our last week before the half term holiday. We will finish at normal time on Friday and return on Monday 6th June.

Have an enjoyable and safe weekend everyone!

Reception Team