We’re going on a Dr Biddulph Hunt…….

September 27, 2019 Our Teachers say… Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable week. The children have been fantastic in their first full week at school. They have enthusiastically...


September 27, 2019
Our Teachers say… Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable week. The children have been fantastic in their first full week at school. They have enthusiastically engaged with lots of different activities and are developing their friendships within their classes and across the cohort. We are very proud of the children in Pumpkins, Acorns and Sunflowers.
The children say… “We’re going on a Dr Biddulph hunt. We’re going to find a tall one. What a beautiful day. We’re so excited!” We went on a journey all the way around school to find Dr Biddulph. We used our knowledge of the school building and discovered some new, exciting rooms on our journey. We were very happy to find Dr Biddulph and Mr Hayward! We have been busy making play dough bears, writing our names and recognising numbers… we have made our teachers very proud this week!
Our Learning This Week:
We have been learning lots of different routines and expectations this week as the we familiarise ourselves with our new environment. We have learnt that we have an inside classroom and an outside classroom – each with different themed zones
Q) Ask your child which is their favourite part of their indoor/outdoor classroom.

Next week: Our book focus will be ‘Have you filled your bucket today?’, this is a lovely book that helps us think about the many benefits of being kind to others and doing good deeds. We will also be starting Phase Two phonics- our sounds next week will be s and a.

Ways to support your child: for P.E. Please encourage your child to change/dress independently and fold their clothes into neat piles. Tights and socks are especially tricky!

Gentle Reminders

We Need Your help……Please decorate your child’s ruck sack brightly in order for children to recognize their bags independently.

1.Please ensure children bring a coat to school everyday which has a clearly visible name label.                                                                                2.Please provide your child with a SEPERATE CLEARLY NAMED DRAW STRING BAG containing SPARE CLOTHES, shoes/plimsoles, socks, underwear, wipes & nappy sacks for wet accidents. These do not have to be school uniform but still need to be named please. These are to remain hanging on your child’s coat peg and separate from their P.E. bags which are stored away until Thursdays and are not accessible to children. This is to encourage children to be independent when they need to change their clothes. 3. As of Monday, school will start promptly at 8.30am and class doors locked at 8.35am. Please register your child at the main office.

Cambridgeshire County Council, are having new Gritters delivered this Autumn. They are now asking Junior Travel Ambassador School pupils to NAME THE GRITTERS. They are looking for INNOVATION, IMAGINATION, and, of course HUMOUR!

The lucky winners will be invited to a naming ceremony at one of their depots in the county and will all receive a Road Safety Goodie Bag and a picture of their Gritter!

Please email your entry to maree.richards@cambridgeshire.gov.uk by Monday 14th October 2019. The subject line should read GRITTER COMPETITION and you MUST give the name of the child, the name of the Gritter and school the child attends in the email.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Reception Team