Welcome Reception 2018-19

Our Teacher’s Say… We are so proud of the start to school our Pumpkins, Acorns and Sunflower children have made. After the home visits last week we have...


Our Teacher’s Say…
We are so proud of the start to school our Pumpkins, Acorns and Sunflower children have made. After the home visits last week we have enjoyed getting to know the children and forming our new classes. The children have thrived in the smaller half-day sessions and have already began to form some wonderful new friendships. Each of our classes finally came together on Friday and we are now ready and keen to learn lots this year. They have settled wonderfully; thank you for your support in preparing them at home for the transition to school so well.

Our Learning This Week:
We have been learning lots of different routines and expectations this week as the we familiarise ourselves with our new environment.  We have learnt that we have an inside classroom and an outside classroom – each with different themed zones
Q) Ask your child which is their favourite part of their indoor/outdoor classroom.

We have been making our teacher’s proud by showing them what we can do already, such as writing our names, drawing self-portraits and recognising numbers.

Next Week
Our book focus will be “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. We will be going on a quest to find Dr Biddulph, this will really help us to get to know our way around the school- how exciting! “We’re going on a Dr Biddulph hunt, we’re going to catch a tall one. What a beautiful day. We’re not scared”.

In our Phonics we will be using our ears to really tune into different sounds.

Gentle Reminder
Please remember to send your children to school with a clearly named coat and wellington boots.

It’s been lovely to get to know all of you during our soft start sessions. The children have settled in remarkably well and are keen to “get on with it”. Next week Soft Start (8:30-8:45) will continue. These will be optional for parents, therefore if feel your child is already happy to be left walking into the classroom independently then you are welcome to let them do so. The class teacher will always be on the class door each morning for any messages you may want to pass on. However this needs to be a quick message to enable the teacher to be available for all children inside.

This will be our last week of soft start. After this week, soft start will just be each Friday  where you will be able you to see what your child has been up to each week.

Dr Biddulph, our Headteacher, really enjoyed meeting most of you and thanks you for your open and thoughtful responses during his presentation. The abridged slides are here.

Safeguarding notice: Dismissal

• If you would like your child to go home with another adult on a regular basis, please introduce the named person to the class teacher and they will make a scheduled note
• If you would like another adult to pick up your child on a one-off basis, please let the class teacher or the school office know in advance and a password for collection
• Only children in Year 5 are permitted to go home by themselves (walking distance) where written permission from a parent is received by letter

See you all on Monday! 8:30.