Welcome Back!

We are looking forward to welcoming the children back for their second term in Reception. Last term, we enjoyed learning about the people that make up our families...


We are looking forward to welcoming the children back for their second term in Reception.

Last term, we enjoyed learning about the people that make up our families and our local community. We found out lots about ourselves and each other and loved celebrating the end of our half term with Family Festival. Thank you again to everyone for making the afternoon so wonderful.

Our project for the term is titled ‘Places: Our Local Community’. We are going to learn lots about Eddington, Cambridge and other places special to each individual child.

Together, we are going to find out about many of the roads on Eddington and who or what they were named after. If you gave permission for your child to attend local walks, we will be heading out and about as we learn about what makes our community so special.

We will think about the buildings that we see around us and the places that we live. If you would like to, please do share photographs of current or previous homes on Tapestry. If you have any, we would love to see photographs of moving house, building houses or making changes. For example, some families have already shared photographs of children helping pack ready to move or children helping to decorate. This will give the children chance to speak about their own experiences and the things they love about their home. If you, or your child has ever lived in a different place we would also love to see any photographs. It will be fantastic if the children can see examples of homes from around the world.

Our first key text, is ‘In Every House, on Every Street’ by Jess Hitchman and Lili La Baleine. This story celebrates each room in our homes and how we use them with our families to create memories. We look forward to hearing the children talk which room is their favourite and why it is so important to them.

Of course, as we reach December we will start to think about our festive performance. This year, it is titled ‘Children of the World’ and will allow the children to showcase everything they learn about different festive traditions around the world. Soon, we will start to learn the songs and some children will have lines to learn. We will be practicing lots in school and hope that you will also support us by continuing to do so at home.

In previous years, we have also taken the children to watch a festive performance to allow them to see a show from the perspective of an audience and understand what performing involves. We are working with Cambridge Junction to try to make this happen who have kindly agreed to support us financially to bring the cost to families down. We understand that this is often a tricky time of year financially and that this year in particular we all have lots of consider. We are aiming to make the cost of this trip around £10 and if transport etc. means the trip will be too expensive we may decide not to run the trip this year. We will confirm by the end of this week if it will take place and give more information. As always, any donations will be voluntary and all children will attend so please do not worry.

We hope you have all had a wonderful break and look forward to welcoming you back tomorrow!

The Reception Team