Welcome Back Reception!

What a fantastic first week back. We have been very lucky to welcome Mr Dhanji to the team and Sunflowers have enjoyed showing him their amazing learning and...


What a fantastic first week back. We have been very lucky to welcome Mr Dhanji to the team and Sunflowers have enjoyed showing him their amazing learning and developing some new routines. Particularly some new Mr Dhanji special songs!

This week-

Phonics– In Phonics, we have recapped Units 1 (s, a, m, i, t) and Unit 2 (n, o, p). The difference we have seen in the children’s ability to recall sounds, blend them into words and segment when reading has been amazing. This time to recap is so important for our Reception learners. We are starting to challenge the children to write simple sentences. During this time, we emphasise the importance of ‘finger spaces’ between words.

Maths- During Maths, we introduced the concept of Part and Whole. This will soon develop into the children understanding that numbers can be split into different parts. We ensured the children understood that part of an object will be smaller than the whole object. Maths this week featured the song ‘5 Little Peas’ – always a popular choice during singing time!

Project- During this half term we will explore the concept of ‘The Past’. To begin this, we celebrated the new year and discussed moving from 2023 to 2024. As part of this, every child was challenge to think of 2 new years resolutions. The children enjoyed thinking about their plans for the years and recorded their ideas in their adventure books.

Next week-

In Phonics, we will move onto recapping Units 3 and 4. There will be no home reading books this week or next week. New books will be sent out once we move onto Unit 5.

For our Project, we will begin to explore changes throughout the children’s lives and the lives of our families.

To support with this, it would be great if you could share photographs for the children to see familiar people in their lives at different stages of their lives.
For example, they might share a photograph of themselves as a baby/toddler, their Mum as a teenager or their grandma when she was a baby. Any familiar people at any age will work well.
Please to share these photographs on Tapestry with descriptions that we can use to help the children to discuss their own photographs.

We are looking forward to welcoming some younger siblings into the classroom next week! In Pumpkins, one little brother is coming into school with his Mummy for the children to ask questions about what babies can/cannot do as they think about how they themselves have grown and developed. If you have a younger child and would like to visit Acorns or Sunflowers please do let Ms Johal or Mr Dhanji know.

PE Kits

Please could all Reception children have a PE kit in school by week 3 (21st January). This needs to be a white t shirt and black shorts only kept in a small bag, PE will be indoors so we do not need any outdoor shoes or clothing. If this changes later in the year we will give you plenty of notice.
Please ensure all clothes are named. When children were getting changed for PE we did have a few occasions where school tops/trousers etc. were not named. Keeping track of 30 children’s clothes is a huge challenge so please do help us out in this way.

Have a fantastic weekend,

The Reception Team